Why Your Korean Girlfriend Will Shock You!

Why Your KoreanGirlfriend Is Different

Discover how a Korean girlfriend is different and steer your relationship clear of these cultural pitfalls.

Want to have a satisfying relationship with a Korean woman?

When you date a Korean lady you’ll love her cuteness and exotic traits.

Granted there are more differences to her than her looks and beginning behavior.

In fact being aware of the cultural differences that she might bring will strengthen your potential relationship.

It will also help you appreciate what she has to offer and decide for yourself if you can live with the differences

So how exactly are is a girlfriend from Korea different?

When I mean ‘different’ I’m comparing her to your local Western women.

She’s Not As Experienced

I mean this in many ways. Most Korean men want their women to be dependent compared to the West. This means that in most cases she won’t be as experienced

  • emotionally
  • sexually
  • culturally

Don’t expect the same level of emotional maturity from a Korean woman as you would a woman from your country. In fact Korean girlfriends have a reputation of whining and pounding the floor with their shoes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s cute but it shows her inability to act as a grown up in many ways.

Again Korean men don’t want their women to be sexually experienced. If you want a place to shine then this is it. If your Korean girlfriend enjoys sex then she will be happy with you here. Granted don’t expect much from her at first. You’ll have to teach her. Although if you’re into dating Korean women you might be pleasantly surprised from time to time.

A Korean girl’s world is limited by her Korean culture. Every country has its’ own cultural bubble but Korea takes it to an extreme (look at North Korea!)

So you’ll have to educate her on how your culture is different and what’s acceptable for you. At the same time I recommend being flexible with her as well.

Some things you learn about Korean culture will seem illogical. It’s part of the process and there will be things you like about Korean culture as well. Some things you might even fall in love with! ๐Ÿ˜‰

She’ll Fight To Be With You

For a Korean lady life is all about juggling all her relationships. For a Western women life is more about doing what you want. For a Korean woman that’s not the case.

Your Korean girlfriend might want to hang out with you but she has to spend time with her

  • family
  • friends
  • long-time friends

and if you’re in Korea she also probably has a hectic work schedule.

This is important because you might think that if she really wanted to see you she would. She would love to see you but her reputation and relationships have more priority than anything else.

Granted this is in most cases.

Why She Won’t Get Close

Whether you’re in Korea or she’s in your country – chances are there’s a time limit to your relationship. This might be because

  • you’re moving out of Korea
  • she’s moving out of your country
  • her conservative family wants her to be with a Korean

Even if this isn’t the case she’s thinking about it. So she might not get so close as to introduce you to her friends or family. Don’t take it personally – she’s just being practical.Granted if you’re showing signs that you want marriage and her family is okay with it then it’s a different story. For more on what a Korean wife might be like then click on the link.

She won’t move in with you. In Korea only married couples live together. If she’s your Korean girlfriend she’ll spend the night at yours but won’t ever move in.

Where To Find a Korean Girlfriend?


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Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John

    I have a korean girlfriend and sometimes i dont understand her behavior, how do you know about their priorities? I really would like how to behave with her..