Why Your Dating Conversation Tips Won’t Work!

Why Your Dating Conversation Tips Won’t Work With a Korean Woman!

Dating conversation tips when going on a date with a Korean woman. The DO’s and DONTS of what and what not to talk about.

At last! Proper dating conversation tips for your date with that cute Korean woman.

How does it work and is it the same as going on a date with a woman from your home? These tips will help you both have a good time and avoid any cultural faux-pas.

You’ll come across as charming and cute – not to mention well-educated! ;-)You see, most people don’t know much about Korea.

Being able to know the social pitfalls and graces will put you ahead of the competition in her mind.

Dating Conversation Tips – DOs!

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DO come across as light and playful. Make sure that you come across is light and playful.

Keep things fun and funny! don’t take yourself too seriously unless you’re talking about how much you love your family.DO keep things simple and easy. When interacting with her I recommend talking about simple topics like boys vs girls, cultural differences, etc…

I don’t recommend talking about philosophy or politics to show your deep and/or sophisticated side (as you would with Westerners.) DO remember her name. Her Korean name will be hard to remember. I recommend doing whatever you can to though! It will make you stand out so powerfully (most foreign men would limit themselves to her Western name.) I recommend writing it down somewhere or saying it properly a few times. I also recommend learning how to read and write in Korean (just takes a few hours to learn.)DO be animated. Use your facial expressions and hand gestures to express yourself. For example instead of just telling her to ‘smile’ I recommend smiling as well. Instead of just saying ‘drink’ I recommend acting it out as well. She’ll understand you better.DO make paying for the date smooth. She might offer to pay and if not I recommend either paying for it in full or paying for it and asking her to give you her share. Whatever happens I recommend making sure that the vibe you both have built isn’t ruined because of the check.These are some helpful dating conversation tips for knowing what to do. Now let’s look at what NOT to do.

Dating Conversation Tips – DON’Ts!

Don’t rely on your wit and sarcasm. In the West women enjoy a witty guy who can articulate himself well. When you’re interacting with a Korean woman those traits won’t help you. Instead I recommend relying on your listening skills and childlike humor. DON’T talk about the Korean war. It’s a big topic in the West but not in South Korea. Most young South Koreans don’t really care about it. In any case the topic is either too heavy or not important. I recommend skipping this topic altogether (Unless you want to tease her for being a North Korean spy!) 😉DON’T Let the ‘Korean culture’ frame scare you. You might do something to escalate the interaction (like touch her or take a risk to make the relationship more intimate.) If she says that “people don’t do this in Korea” then take that with a grain of salt. Koreans do get intimate and what she’s really saying is that you’re not making her feel comfortable enough. If that’s the case then go back to making her feel comfortable with interacting with you – then try again and let these dating conversation tips help you! :)DON’T talk about the stereotypes seriously. If you’re asking her whether or not she eats dog for lunch and if she is a Taekwondo champion then you’d better be kidding! If you’re really wondering if Koreans have a dog sandwich before heading off to the DMZ then you’re asking for trouble! ;-)That being said DON’T make fun of them because of their physical or racial traits. That’s just being racist and she will not think it’s funny. For example, don’t slant your eyes or mix up your ‘L’s and ‘R’s. That’s just rude.Granted the above dating conversation tips are common sense.DON’T Forget to escalate the interaction. Korean women (in general) will not give you any indication that they want the interaction to become more intimate. You’re going to have to escalate and look at how she responds. If she looks comfortable and isn’t saying anything then she’s okay with it. If she physically pushes you away then it probably means no or not yet.

These Tips Make You Look Good!

Whether you’re meeting Korean women as friends or if you’re in a relationship with them – these dating conversation tips can help you have fun and come across as knowledgeable about Korea.If you’d like to learn more about dating Korean women I recommend reading more dating tips for guys by clicking on the link!