Why Sensual Touching Is Vital When Dating a Korean Woman

Discover Why Sensual Touching Is VITAL When Dating a Korean Woman

Sensual touching does more than turn her on.

It’s a powerful statement in so many ways.

Korean culture and society might look down on intimate touching.

This is especially true if you’ve just met.

But if want to go from meeting a Korean woman to something more intimate then ‘touch’ is your best tool.

Sexual touching

• makes the relationship work

• brings good feelings to everyone

• helps her feel comfortable for more

Once you’ve made touching her a habit you’ll become irresistible – just what she’s been waiting for.

Intimate Touching Sets The Relationship Tone

Even when a Korean woman likes you she won’t give you any signals. This is mainly because of her culture.

Also she feels that it’s a man’s job to openly share what he wants. That’s why touching her is important.

It lets her know that you are attracted to her and that you want something more intimate.

Believe men when I say that if you don’t touch her she won’t have a clue as to what you want! Many Korean women aren’t as ‘aware’ of how Western (or casual) dating works.

Touching her helps her know what you want. It also sets you up as a sensual man who knows what he wants.

Sensual Touching Feels Good

Sexually touching a woman feels good. It feels nice for you AND her.

There’s nothing like being on a date with a beautiful Korean woman and feeling her legs. Or maybe that’s just me. 😉

Granted there’s a right way and a wrong way of touching a woman. If you want to know what to do if she ever says “don’t touch me!” then click on the link.

It’s also important for you as a sensual man.

It’s okay to want a woman physically.

Wanting to touch her is normal and natural.

The problem happens if you don’t know when intimate touching a woman is appropriate. Discover when by clicking on the link.

Sensual Touching Makes Her Comfortable With More

sensual touching Korean women

Guys get into trouble when they start off as ‘nice guys’ (i.e. don’t do anything to signal interest) and go straight to kissing her inappropriately.

This is a big mistake because she didn’t expect something so unpredictable.

If you want her to be comfortable with you being more intimate then I recommend touching her from the beginning.

You also want to get gradually more sexual with your intimate touching.

For more on how to do this click on the link!

Make Touching Her a Habit

The best thing you can do when meeting and dating a Korean woman is to make touching a habit. If you do it regularly and come across as a touchy-feely guy then getting more intimate will happen sooner.

You know what they say about getting more intimate with touching:

“Keep going!” 😉