Why PUA Routines Won’t Work With Korean Women!

Why Western PUA Routines Won’t Work With a Korean Woman!

Why Western PUA routines won’t work with Korean women. Discover what pickup routines DO work!

Are your pickup routines not working on Korean women?What’s going on? How come what works with Western women is falling flat?There are more to these pick up routines than ‘lines’.

Let me guide you through 3 fundamental aspects worth changing for you to get that hot Korean woman hooked!I recommend changing: • the delivery • the premises • the routinesOnce you’ve re-calibrated your routines you’ll be picking up Korean women with ease!

Re-calibrate Your Routines’ Delivery

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Western women are more socially experienced, self-confident and social than your typical Korean woman.When you approach Korean women your body language and demeanor may intimidate them and thus they’ll shy away.What’s worse is that a Korean woman won’t give you any signs that you’re not calibrated (besides bowing out of the conversation.)Instead she’ll keep you feeling like you’re doing it right and then flakes on the date or refuses to let you escalate the interaction. So what can you do? I recommend acting a little more shy and self-conscious than you would when picking up a Western woman.

Accept The New Premises

All PUA routines have premises. In other words they all have assumptions. When you’re using them on a Western woman you’re assuming certain things that it’s best not to assume when picking up a Korean woman. For example:Their level of English (or your language) is different than theirs. Most PUA routines are verbal and assume that she’ll understand all the words, humor and value indicators.Although a typical Korean woman speaks better English these days she’s not fluent. What’s more is that she probably won’t get your ‘witty humor’, puns, or any vocabulary-related humor.Instead I recommend transforming your routines to a basic English with lots of body language. I also recommend using cocky/funny and slapstick humor (three stooges style – just don’t slap them!) 😉The way they socialize is different than how Westerners socialize. Koreans start out by determining the social hierarchy rather than letting everyone be equal.Koreans also prefer people who don’t talk about themselves. It’s a better idea to talk about her (although that would be better in the West too.)The MOST important difference is that the Korean women you approach won’t give you much to work with. She won’t give many IOIs. It’ll be up to you to escalate and do all of the work. She wont help you out much.Koreans date differently and for different reasons. Okay sure we all date for that maybe “future marriage”. The thing is that Koreans only date for marriage!There’s not much casual dating in Korea (although that’s changing.) Granted that doesn’t mean that they don’t do one night stands! ;-)So when you’re interacting with her I recommend giving more future projections than you normally would. “You’re funny! Do you know Cirque Du Soleil? We’ll go there!”or“Have you ever had French food? Let’s go to a French restaurant – I’ll introduce you!”

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