Why Pick-up Lines Won’t Help You With Korean Women

Discover Why Pick-up LinesCan’t Pickup Korean Women

Frustrated every time you use pick-up lines with Korean women?

Did she walk away and leave you in the dust no matter how clever your line was?

That’s because you’re depending TOO much on the line itself. The initial chat you use is nowhere near enough to make her want to stick around.

So what can you do?

It’s time to try something new!

Rather than counting so much on the pickup line, how about focusing on what comes after?

That is, unless you’re satisfied with just getting a Korean woman to laugh (right before she walks away.) 😉

So Why Don’t Pickup Lines Work?

pick up lines for Korean women

You might have had success with using chat up lines on women from your country.  Women in Korea  are very different.

For one thing unlike Western women, Korean women expect YOU to do more than lead the entire conversation! A Western woman just needs a topic or a spark: she can handle the conversation afterwards. A Korean woman also expects you to do most of the talking…especially at the beginning.

This is because they aren’t taught to be good conversationalists or debaters.

What’s worse is that they’re afraid to look stupid while talking to you (i.e. standing out by talking with a foreigner or making mistakes in English.)

This could be because they’re not sure if they SHOULD be talking to you.

Also they could be self-conscious of their English. Granted you COULD fix that if you spoke Korea’s language.

Even so the pick-up lines themselves won’t be enough to make her want to stay with you. Let’s discover what comes after!

What Comes After The Pick-Up Line

After the chat up lines I recommend having one of these things handy (each.)

• a funny comment or questions

• a qualifying question

• an intriguing comment

By focusing on these you’re able to make her want to talk to you!

A funny comment or question could be like: “do you speak Korean?” or “Are you a foreigner?” This will shock her and get her to ask ‘why’ you thought that. She’ll want to talk to you more…

A qualifying question could be something like “have you been overseas?” or “can you cook?”

An intriguing comment could be like “I’m visiting Seoul soon and am a curious person” or “I’ve eaten Korean food but I don’t think you can cook Korean food.”

These types of questions/comments might just reel her in to talk more with you. This is done RIGHT AFTER the pick-up line.

You can also combine them If you want you can also combine the 3 elements above to increase your chances by 50% that she’ll stay.

You can say things like: “Did you buy that dress by yourself like a big girl”? Or “Can you cook Korean food? Or Can you just eat it like me?” 😉

These combine humor, qualification and some intrigue that will make you stand out in her eyes. She’ll want to talk to you more!

Bonus Thoughts To Chat up Lines on Korean Women

“How will I know they work?”

Is she staying longer? Is she asking questions about YOU? Then it’s working. I recommend having some stories to keep the interest and conversation going.

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Let’s make it happen! 😉