Why Other Asian Single Girls Aren’t Like Korean Women!

Discover How Asian Single Girls Differ From Korean Women

Discover why other Asian Single girls aren’t like Korean women. Empower yourself to choose which Asian women suit you best.

Fascinated by and want to start dating Asian single girls?

Where they come from might not matter to you.

But do you think there’s a difference between whether they’re Chinese or Korean women?

Or how about whether she’s from East or South East Asia?

After all: They’re all Asian and they’re all just as beautiful! Right? :)

Some things are important for you to know.Soon I’ll reveal to you some similarities and differences between dating Korean women vs other Asian women.You’ll be better able decide what you’d like more when dating single Asian girls.

Asian Single Girls’ Similarities

They’re all from Asia. No duh, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But what does that really mean?

She has family and ties that might be thousands of miles away. No matter where she is or where she’s from–you’d better expect to either visit or live in Asia. This might be because she’ll move back to Asia or just to meet her family.

Asians in general are community thinkers

This means that they value

  • family over individual choice
  • status in the area over potential
  • glitter over gold

So no matter whether you’re in China or Japan–the ideal guy is someone who

  • has status
  • looks good
  • is familiar with Asian culture (at least)
  • doesn’t cause trouble with the family

Having a fun personality and money helps but it’s not as important as the first four traits.

They value social harmony

Asian single girls everywhere would want to date someone whom her peers and family approve. Or if they don’t approve at least there’s a benefit such as a better lifestyle or more money for the family.

Or if I may be so brutally honest–no Asian man wants them.

So how is Korean different?

Asian Single Women’s Differences

Koreans like to live in Korea

As opposed to many Thai or Chinese women who’d want to escape for a better life–many Korean women want to stay in their country. Even Japanese who leave Japan never seem to come back. Koreans do come back. This is mainly because Korea is doing well economically for it’s size. Koreans eat and live well.

Most children only have to focus on studying. This is very different than for Chinese or Thai children who reach maybe up to grade 6 education. So if you plan on dating a Korean woman then consider either moving to Korea or visiting it regularly. She’ll want to and if you’d want to be with her you’d have to consider it too.

Koreans are the MOST closed off people in Asia

Even other Asians find Koreans to be xenophobic and secretive. Sure it might spike your curiosity but it’ll take decades before you’re ever “in”.

This is different than with Chinese or Thais. They’re more willing to accept you and let you in deeper into their world than Koreans in general. The only country that would match Korea when it comes to being ‘closed’ is Japan.

So single girls from Korea are the least likely to date a foreigner long term. Not so much because they don’t want to but because their community wouldn’t want to. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to try one out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes the younger generation is changing and interracial dating in Korea is becoming more popular. We just have to wait a while (say 20 years.)Does that mean Korean women aren’t worth it?

Not at all! After 5 years of living and dating in Korea I found them to be among the funnest women to date.

Here’s why:


More educated, fun and look good!

Korean women are a blast to be with. They also

  • speak better English than most other Asian women
  • have been abroad
  • have the best bodies in Asia

For more on why a Korean woman dating you can be fun click on the link. You’ll discover more as to what would keep a sane man like me living in Korea for 5 years! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do You Like Asian Single Girls?

So dating Asian single girls is different. That may be why you’ll like them!

If you’re like me and enjoy discovering new things and cultures then dating Korean women (or any Asian woman) is a blast. Of course there are some downsides but no one (and nowhere) is perfect.

The trick is deciding for yourself if dating a Korean woman is worth it. For me who loves Asian women–it is!

For more on how to date hot Korean women click on the link!

Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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