Why Learning Body Language Helps For Dating Korean Women!

Why Learning Body Language Is Vital When Dating Korean Women

Learning body language is important when dating any woman from a different culture.It’s more than just to get past the language barrier.Korean women have a knack for not telling you everything.  Have a problem with your Korean date and chances are she’ll disappear and you’ll never know why.Prevent this by knowing why body language is important and how to start learning it.It’s cool to know as well! 😉

Korean Women Use Body Language To Communicate

Everyone communicates with their bodies.  Women even more so.  Korean women must sub-communicate with their bodies because in Korean culture it’s impolite to say what you mean.For example – let’s say you and a potential Korean date are in a conversation.  You tell her you like her and want her phone number.Rather than say “no, thank you” and walk away she would give it to you.  You might think that you’re all set but you’re not.  In reality she gave you her number but will never pick up if you call.  It’s more socially appropriate to reject a man that way than to just tell him.Is there a way to have known that she didn’t like you?You bet.  By learning body language you can save yourself from wasting time calling her and maybe even make her like you.  Discover more about negative body language and proactive steps you can take next time here!Check out this example –

learning body language

How do you suppose both of them are feeling?I can deduce that they are both reserved and nervous (their hands are forming a barrier).  The guy is also re-assuring himself (he’s caressing his fingers.)  His date is smiling to be pleasant but wants to say something (it’s a nervous smile and her mouth is closed as if she’s stopping herself from saying something.)This must be their first date!Want to know how to read that as well?

Pick Up Some Basic Body Language From Reputable Sources

Become a ‘body language’ savant with either your creative or logical side.Do you enjoy stories?  If you enjoy stories as I do then I recommend that you watch ‘Lie To Me‘ (more by clicking on the link).  It’s a TV show about body language experts who solve problems.I like and recommend this show because the body communication lessons are weaved into the story.  It makes learning body language fun and entertaining (and you get to learn Spanish from that promo!) 😉Do you enjoy laid out information?  If you prefer to read from a book I recommend ‘The Definitive Book of Body Language‘.  I must admit that I haven’t read it (as I find the show above to be good enough) but my dating coach friends recommended it to me because of it’s simplistic approach. 

They enjoy well laid out information more than I do as well. 

Begin Learning Body Language

So studying body language for dating Korean women is highly recommended.  You benefit from the telltale signs that your Korean date will give you.Remember that Korean women sub-communicate a lot because they want to tell you how they truly feel but are socially unable to (most of the time).  They don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Let’s avoid all this in the first place!Discover what she likes and when she’s attracted to you by knowing how the body communicates.  You can also discover particular flirting body language that Korean women use everyday. You also learn about yourself and what body language YOU give away.   Have fun as you learn! 😉