Why Interracial Dating Problems Occur With a Korean Woman!

Why Interracial Dating ProblemsWith a Korean Woman Happen!

Interracial dating problems with your Korean date? Discovery why we experience specific problems while dating or in a relationship with a Korean woman.

Dealing with interracial dating issues?Maybe you felt that Asian women were more feminine and exotic versions of Western women (without the complaining.) Once you started dating a Korean woman you found that not to be the case.So what’s going on? How come we end up dealing with all these problems of interracial dating?The main 3 reasons why you and her end up frustrated is because of the differences in your: • upbringing • expectations • opinionsand that’s just the beginning. When you begin to discover just how fundamentally different you and her are you will be at peace with all those problems of interracial dating.

You’ve Had Different Upbringings

In the West we are brought up to value truth, abstract morality and independence.In Korea most Korean women grow up valuing family, unity and harmony. So what does this have to do with your relationship?

Have you ever argued with a Korean woman over something and she stayed quiet? Even if you were calm during the whole argument. You think that her silence means that she’s agreeing with you. After all you’re speaking the truth over a certain matter.In her mind she’s thinking that you are being inconsiderate because you’re compromising the relationship’s harmony. You’ll lose points in her book.Or have you ever set up an important date with her only to have her cancel on it because her company wants her to join her coworkers for dinner?It’s because you value ‘independence’ and feel that she’s doing things because she wants to. In reality she’s doing her best to maintain her place and keep the office dynamic intact. Also her lower status in the company gives her no choice but to go.So a lot of times these misunderstandings lead to interracial dating problems that could ruin your relationship. You and her had different upbringings and your interracial relationship will challenge your deepest values.

You Have Different Expectations


When you start dating a Korean woman you begin to notice a difference in values and expectations.Most Western men expect to date women with some ambition and maturity. The problem is that most single Korean women don’t expect themselves to be ambitious or mature. Nor does their society.They expect themselves to take on the role of a (dependent) wife and raise children eventually. The ‘maturing’ and ‘ambition’ are traits that the man must have (as well as the higher status.) ;-)A typical Korean woman is expected to get a job to find a good husband of higher status. Korean women are not encouraged to be independent and ambitious as Western women are.So what does this have to do with your relationship?When you start dating you’d expect her to act more mature when you go out. Instead you’ll feel like you’re dating a child at times. If the whining doesn’t start bothering you then the short-sighted (and often materialistic) things might.Granted in the West we wouldn’t expect our women to behave this way. With Koreans it’s a different story. They expect their women to be somewhat ‘child-like’ and dependent on their men.These different expectations can lead to interracial dating problems. Especially if you don’t communicate your expectations and stay patient.

Different Prejudices

So in the West there’s the stereotype that Asian (and in this care ‘Korean’) women are “easy, feminine and love white men (and their passports).”Whether or not it’s true (and I don’t think it is) most Western men will meet Korean women with those prejudices. So then Western men are shocked when Korean women are more ‘difficult’ than they imagined (which is why I created my beginner’s e-book ‘Date Korean Women‘!) ;-)A typical Korean woman has skewed prejudices of Western men too! She believes that each Western man has twenty Korean girlfriends (because they’re “so easy”), are arrogant while looking down on Koreans and are going to abandon her without a word.Korean T.V. and media reinforce this prejudice and that does lead to interracial dating problems.Just recently I had my Korean girlfriend bombard me with questions such as “so why do you like me?” or “I bet you’re so popular.” Even though I would re-assure her I caught myself getting frustrated with how little faith she had in me.The reality is that these differences in built-in opinions combined with insecurities can lead to those depressing problems of interracial dating.

Final Thoughts on Interracial Dating Problems

Korea and Koreans are changing. The Korean way of life is rapidly becoming more ‘globalized’ and because of the T.V and media Koreans are starting to adapt to Western values more and more.This means that if you choose to discover and learn about Korean culture and values then you will be more at peace with your interracial relationship with a Korean woman. You’ll definitely reduce how many interracial dating problems you’ll face!She’s growing up accepting more Western values. She’s becoming more independent, ambitious and daring to strike out on her own in such a one-way-to-do-things society.The question is whether or not you will become more socially conscious and will be willing to compromise ‘truth’ for ‘social harmony’ or ‘family’.I leave that up to you. In the meantime check out more FREE interracial dating tips by clicking on the link!