Why Dirty Pick Up Lines Won’t Work On Hot Korean Women!

Why Dirty Pick Up Lines Won’tWork With Hot Korean Women!

Could dirty pick up lines work with Korean women? Sweet pick up lines that a Korean woman will understand and make her find you funny and worth talking to.

So you like to pickup with a few ‘racy’ lines? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do they always seem to fall flat when you use them on Korean women?They might work with the Western women you chatted up so you’re wondering what the problem is.Korean women have the reputation of being conservative.Would those pick up lines help you pick her up and get a good vibe going?It depends on how racy the pick up line is, the context and how you pick her up.Rest easy – not only will you discover which racy pick up lines work but you’ll also know when and where to use them!

Why They Might Not Work

Again Korean women are conservative (even though they dress sexy!) Not only that but for them just talking to a stranger is beyond terrifying. In Korean culture you’re only supposed to talk to people in your social circles. So you come along and not only are you a stranger but you’re a funny looking waygukin (‘์˜๊ตญ์ธ’ foreigner in Korean.) Talk about double scary!Finally you come up talking to her in an alien language with a pick up line that she’ll either not understand or won’t get the humor. Even if she does the fact that it’s ‘dirty’ might scare her off.So you can imagine how racy pickup lines might destroy a potentially amazing relationship.Don’t worry – they DO work but only if you use them properly.

How To Use Dirty Pick UpLines With Korean Women!

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Before thinking about what pickup line to use I recommend thinking about the context in which you’re using them.Are you meeting her on the street or in a coffee shop? The setting is conservative for a racy pick up line. That’s when something tamer would work better.Is this your first date after meeting her online? Or are friends introducing you? These might not be the best situations for using dirty pick up lines.“So when would YOU use dirty pickup lines?”

If you’re in fun social gathering like a club, bar or party. Everybody is having a great time and approaching that gorgeous Korean woman with that funny pickup line you know might work better.Then again would you use the same line you’d use on Western women? I wouldn’t recommend it.

Dirty Pick Up Lines That Work!

If you want to have fun raising her sexual interest in you as you pick her up then it’s important that you keep the dirty pickup lines short and simple.I recommend using as much body language and as little words as possible. It’s also important that you present them as a ‘gag’ rather than as a ‘line’. So for example let’s say you saw this beautiful Korean woman at the bar and approached her.Instead of saying a line like: “your pants would look great next to my bed” I’d recommend pointing at her pants. Then pretend like you’ve thrown them away. Point again and give a naughty smile. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you notice how it’s more about using body language and keeping the dirty pick up line more simple? I would recommend recalibrating all your pick up lines like that.

Are These Pick Up Lines Worth Using?

I can imagine that they’re fun to use but are they practical to get a date?I personally don’t use them often (especially not at the beginning of the conversation.) On the other hand they screen for Korean women who want to bed someone now!

So for screening horny Korean women they’re great! Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend them.Then again it’s up to you.Hafe fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰