Why a Korean Female Led Relationship Won’t Happen

Could A Korean Female Led Relationship Happen?

Expecting a Korean female led relationship? Korean ladies expect the man to lead at all times or they’ll find one who will – at their demise.

If you’re coming to Korea wanting to find a female led relationship or some initiative from Korean women – think again!Korean society keeps their women relatively dependent and passive.A Korean woman grows up believing and expecting the men to take care of her.That’s why she will expect you to lead the relationship and make sure it’s going in the right direction. This is different than the West where the women would me more willing to lead the relationship. Of course she’ll resent you for making her lead it though!

Western women are also more likely to question your leadership directly and overtly which is something you’d rarely see with Korean women.

Why Korean Woman LedRelationships Wouldn’t Work

In Korea you won’t ever see a woman led relationship like you would in the West.Korean men can surprisingly be the most alpha you see in East Asia. This is because Korea has a hierarchical culture that keeps women at the bottom of the social totem pole.This is ironic because if you watch the movies you’d think that the nice Korean man is submissive and the woman is the aggressive one.This is just for show.

Then Again

Rather than it being a woman led relationship she will also expect you to pay for everything and if you get married – she’ll be in charge of the money.This is the dynamic in Korean relationships once the couple gets married. Granted it’s changing but very slowly.

So Do Korean Women Do ANY Leading?

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Make no mistake: Korean women do have responsibilities. If ever you get married then the situation is interesting. Sadly not like in the picture. 😉She’ll be responsible for taking care of the family.In Korean culture the woman is responsible for taking care of the family elders.She will do what it takes to make sure they’re happy.She’s also in charge of the children and the children’s education.The Korean woman is responsible for making sure the children get to school and everything.She’s also the one who has the final say over how the educational money is spent.She’ll be responsible for the money.Korean women are the family accountants. In a traditional Korean household the Korean men make the money but the women are in charge of it. She decides what the family buys and where the money is spent.

Final Thoughts About AKorean Woman Led Relationship

As more Korean women are asking for equality in the workplace and in relationships we might start seeing a female led relationship more and more. In fact there’s a new term for career women called “golden miss.” Because of Korea’s economic boom Korean women are taking charge of their lives more and more in the workforce. They still have a long way to go for workforce and relationship equality but Koreans have made a lot of progress.That being said you’re expecting your Korean woman to take initiative and help you with things then you’re in for a disappointment.As far as they’re concerned you’re the one who’s going to take care of everything! Of course they’ll let you know when you’re not leading them properly but that’s as far as their ‘initiative’ goes.So be a man and take charge! 😉