Vital New Relationship Advice When Dating Korean Women

Vital New Relationship AdviceWhen Dating Korean Women

Starting a new relationship and want some new relationship advice?

Good move!

This means that you care.

This a surefire way to keep her happy.

But be alert because she is from a different culture!

Rest easy – once you discover how tension works and some cultural differences then you’ll be fine!

But first it’s vital to know what ‘being in a relationship’ means.

There’s one thing that will determine if your relationship will work or not.

More below!

Vital New Relationship Advice – Just Do It

Yup. Have sex with her.  Even if you think it’s ‘too fast’ there’s a reason why your new-found relationship needs it.

It’s vital because how she feels about the relationship will depend on whether or not it’s a sexual one.

If you haven’t had sex yet. She will more likely think of you as just a friend. Either that or as not ‘man enough’ to take her to your bed:  bye-bye relationship.

Or she’ll think that you’re just not interested.

The bottom line? She’ll leave as there was no relationship IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So if you want the most important new relationship tip? Bed her.

Korean men understand this and they’re quite aggressive (in general) when it comes to having sex with a potential girlfriend.

So let’s say you did get intimate with her. Then what?

Keep the tension growing!

New Relationship Advice On Letting The Tension Bloom!

new relationship advice with a Korean woman

Once you’ve had sex she’s going to start liking you a lot.

Understand that when a Korean woman (or any woman) has sex with you it means that she likes and trusts you.

She’s put you deeper in her world than the other men.

On the other hand she’s also snapping herself back to reality. What if you don’t like her? What if you’re not what she imagined?

These thoughts create a ‘tension’. She loves it. If you want to keep her happy I recommend giving it to her.


Text or see her at infrequently. I recommend texting her once every three days for a while. Then changing it to once a day. Then go to once a week. Same for when you see her. Keep her guessing!

Keep things interesting in the bedroom. Keep your sexual activity varied and interesting. Try new positions or include food or clothes. If you want more on how to spice up relationships then click on the link.

Tell her you like her. This one is tricky. In my experience Korean women want to feel like there’s more emotional investment from you than a Western woman would.

So for example in the West if you’ve tried telling a woman that you really like her and such it would get her bored.

She’d start looking elsewhere.

For Korean women it’s not always the case. She feels more secure in your relationship if you DO tell her you like her.

NOTE: With all this new relationship advice I recommend calibrating to your Korean woman. Notice how she responds to what you’re doing. If she’s showing more interest by what you’re doing then it’s working. If not then cut back on what you’re doing for her.

What about Korean culture?

Is it very different?


New Relationship Advice On Korean Culture

Korean culture is very different from yours. There’s no way around it. Korea is a unique place and it took me a few years just to scratch the surface.

This is what I discovered.

She won’t invite you to her parents. For her to invite you to her parents it means that you’re getting married. Unless you’re planning on marrying then she won’t do it.

The only exception I found is if you and her parents are going to the same traditional church.

She won’t live in with you. In general most Korean women can’t live outside the home unless they’re married (or living on her own.)

Granted Korea’s economic boom meant that more women are living independently. If your relationship is serious and you’ve been dating for a while then she might live with you. Just know that it’s still not common.

There will be plenty of ‘new’ things. Depending on how traditional or ‘Koreanized’ your Korean girlfriend is you’ll encounter some stuff you’ve never seen before.

For me I’ve seen my Korean girlfriends dress sexy for my birthday as we went out (I didn’t ask her to but WOW she looked good!) I’ve also had Korean girlfriends cook for me or bring Korean food from home.

You’ll experience some amazing things too.

When New Relationship Advice Works!

If you’re serious about your relationship and want it to work then I recommend committing to it. Relationships are like plants. If you have a good seed and you take care of it then it will bloom into something beautiful.

If you want more advice on meeting and having relationships with Korean women then I recommend asking your question below.

It’s 100% safe and private. By asking beforehand you’ll guarantee that she’ll be happy and your relationship strong.

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