Top 3 Neck Kiss Mistakes When Kissing a Korean Woman

Top 3 Neck Kiss Mistakes When Dating a Korean Woman

A good neck kiss sends your Korean woman to world of intense pleasure.

Meeting a Korean woman and turning her on to you is all about kissing her neck properly.

Why not do yourselves a favor by kissing it the right way?

Avoid these 3 common mistakes and make her WANT to be yours…

They are:

  • not understanding the POWER of it
  • not kissing at the right time
  • not kissing it properly

Soon you’ll be making ANY woman sitting on your couch wishing she was in the bedroom…with you of course. 😉

The Pleasure Of a Good Kiss on The Neck


Kissing her neck does more than bring you closer to kissing her lips.

When you put your lips there you’re boosting the sensual tension she’s feeling.

Want to turn a girl on? Kiss her neck.

Attention! Kissing that place is only part of sending her on a sensual roller coaster ride.

Ideally you want to mix it with kissing her lips too.

Neck kissing boosts her sensual lust for you.

Kissing her lips releases the tension.

Doing and mixing both sends her to a world of pleasure that she’ll want to send you to as well.

Many guys don’t understand this so they either stay too long on the neck or not long enough!

Mix your kissing so that you’re kissing many parts of her body. Leave the neck as a spice!

Kiss At The Right Time

Now that you know that a neck kiss boosts her sensual pleasure – when would you want to kiss it?

The BEST time would be to do it before her first lip kiss. For more on how to make that first kiss magical click on the link.

That way you’ll boost her lust for you right before your first kiss. This will make it more intense!

You also want to kiss her neck when you’re getting her to climax. This boosts the sensual tension in her and she’ll only be able to release by climaxing.

Attention! This only works if you know how to neck kiss the right way!

Kiss It Sensually…

When you kiss her neck I recommend imagining that you’re making out with her.

Or if you know how to French kiss then do it to her neck.

If you want tips on French kissing then click on the link.

What you MUST avoid is giving her a hickey. A hickey is when you suck blood to her skin. It leaves a red mark (because of the blood.)

I recommend sucking on her neck, but not hard or long enough to give her a hickey or “kiss mark” as they call it in Korea. That’s a surefire way to turn her off and kick you out.

Why? Because hickeys stain her ‘pure’ image and make you either come across as ignorant or inexperienced. I don’t think you’d want to be either. 😉

So kiss her neck properly and you’ll be in good shape!

Make Your Kissing Something She Can Brag About To Her Friends…

If ‘kissing’ is something you desire to be better at then I recommend getting Kissing 101’s basic kissing guide. Inside you’ll discover the art of kissing and how to use your lips when seducing women.

I love kissing my Korean dates. It’s a great way to go across cultures.

It’s also nice to know that when we French kiss we share a common tongue. 😉