Tips for Meeting K Girls on Clubs.

Tips for Meeting K Girls on Clubs.

by Kevin (BOS)


I have been wondering and I even cant find a Post on How to pick Up girls at a Club in Korea? I know is not the American way like buying her a drink etc..,( They will be extreamely shy when I walk to her, also afraid cuz of english speaking)..

How can I ask her for a dance? (They will say No imiadietly cuz of shyness ) What about Touching barrier?

Should I avoid crowded clubs ?..

What funny stuff could I do to get her attetion do dance with me?…

Please This will be a nice topic for this website and Intresting if you could explain to us more details.

I will love to hear your Expirience. THANKS Dan.


Hey there,

It depends what kind of clubs we’re talking about. I reckon you mean typical clubs with a dancefloor and a bar, yeah? Korean girls are notorious for not interacting with other people in the clubs unless it’s someone they’ve known already.

I’d recommend expecting them to not want to talk to you, and starting out with just trying to get them to say “hello”.

For more advice I’d recommend checking out the site Asian Dating Monthly which would more be able to help you out.



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May 30, 2014 clubs

by: Kevin

Thanks for your reply, I mean Clubs with a dance floor ,Music and Bar..Not the hook up clubs ( the one that the waiter bring you the girls and you spend a lot of money for the table) Also On that site they said you are the Men for Dating in Korea girls.. I guess Clubs that I mention is not good to pick up girls.


Hi there,

Clubs are one of the most challenging venues for cold approach in my opinion in Korea. The music is loud, unless you spend on a table your social value is limited, and being seen with a foreigner isn’t good in most clubs.

Unless you enjoy clubs specifically I would recommend not expecting much action from there. Outside or in bars, however…

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