The Culture of South Korea And How It Shapes Your Korean Women Dating Experience

Discover The Culture of South Korea And How It Shapes Korean Women

Discover the culture of South Korea and understand your Korean woman too!You’ll also understand why the Koreans around you the way they do. This will help you be more successful at making Korean friends and dating Korean women.

Pick up some Korean history and culture you’ll understand why Koreans are • status-conscious • homogeneous • competitive • academic-orientedKoreans culture and history is very complicated.Rest easy – understanding just a little bit of it will impress the Koreans you meet and help you when you’re flirting with a Korean woman.

Why Koreans Are Status-Conscious

Modern Korea comes from the winner Silla of the 4 kingdoms – • Goryo • Silla • BaekJae • PalhaeFrom 600 A.D. Silla had a class-distinction system called the ‘bone-cast’ system. People were given status and rank based on their bloodlines. Some families were closer to the King while others weren’t. That’s why a Korean woman might ask what your family name is.Silla then took the whole peninsula by allying with and then defeating the Chinese. Then Choson replaced Silla. Choson then adopted a lot of Confuscious’ doctrines because it was similar enough to the older ‘bone rank’ system. It also focused on family duty and filial responsibilities.You can see this today in the culture of South Korea. Koreans will ask you • how old you are • what your job is • are you married or single • do you have any brothers or sistersto find your social hierarchical position. Knowing this will help you understand that Koreans aren’t being nosy – they’re trying to find your position so that they know how to address you and how to feel about you.

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So if she’s not keen on getting serious with you it’s because she grew up in the culture of South Korea.It always promotes ‘ouri nara’ (our nation) and being serious with you is a direct challenge to that.Note that Korea is changing and is more open-minded.I recommend trying Korean food to discover the culture of South Korea in this case.It’s very bland for most people and consists of basic foods. The food of survivalists (compared to the more tasty diverse dishes of Thailand or China.)So if she takes you to a Korean restaurant and is in love with a plain sweet potato – it’s because that’s a snack in Korea.Or if she’s not a fan of your country’s sweet foods then I recommend taking her to a restaurant with plainer tasting food.

Korea’s Desire For Homogeneity

Korea’s mountainous terrain has always separated the different regions. This caused the people to be very isolated and thus more narrow-minded. That’s why each Korean region has a different dialect/accent.Combine this with the fact that throughout their history foreigners have always tried to invade Korea.Korea’s place in AsiaKoreans have a great strategic location in Asia. Sadly they only had enough people and resources to push back foreign invasions and never really conquer.Koreans also saw how foreigners traded and then ‘tricked’ China (opium wars and supporting certain leaders) which made them fearful of foreign influence.This forced Koreans to always think about survival and be cautious of foreigners.

Korea’s Over-Competitiveness Defined

Korea is between two major powers – Japan and China. Throughout their history they’ve always been fearful of either of those power taking over them.In fact they did. China turned Korea into a sovereign state and Japan once made a colony out of it. Koreans today are fighting hard to have enough power for their own survival! Sure there is the U.S. in Korea and that’s making Koreans work even harder to not need the U.S. there.Not only that but if you ever go to Korea you’ll soon face the harsh winters and summers. Koreans had to work hard to ferment enough Kimchi (Korea doesn’t have much arable land) to survive.What that means for Korea’s womenSo if you’re talking to a Korean woman and she only has her job and a major activity going for her it’s because she grew up in a very competitive world.This is also why they come to Western countries – to learn English and be more competitive rather than to discover the country (which is a major reason for Westerners to live overseas.)That’s where you can be different! Introduce her to your country and she’ll love it! Korean women love new experiences and being that someone who shows her a new world will always be unique to her.

Why Koreans Focus on Academics

Koreans value academics because it’s their only way to gain status. In the old kingdoms of Silla and then Choson the only way to move up was to be academic. Even today Koreans value knowledge and self-study.

“It’s better to give a child a book than 1000 gold coins.”Old Korean Proverb

So today if the Korean woman you’re trying to date is too busy studying it’s because her culture values studying. That’s why you might be surprised at her lack of real-world experiences.The good news? If you can be the guy who shows her some real world experiences she’ll love you for it! It can be something as simple as doing a new activity together (like playing darts or eating your country’s food.)

More On The History AndCulture of South Korea

If Korea’s history and culture fascinates you then I recommend reading more about South Korea’s culture by clicking on the link.You’ll discover more about the • ethnicity • history • culture of south koreaHave fun! 😉