The Body Language Eyes Flirt With REVEALED!

Discover The Body Language Eyes Flirt With To Attract Korean Women

Make the body language eyes flirt with work for your cause of attracting a beautiful Korean woman.

eye-flirtation is an undervalued tool.

Amaze yourself at how simple it can be to send 3 powerful messages about who you are to Korean women (or women in general) with your eyes.

After all: women are human beings too.

Not only do they pick up on your eyes’ body language but their eyes talk back to you too.

Granted first you need to know what to look for.

Once you do you’ll be able to know exactly when a woman is attracted to you.

Personally I’ve been with Korean women whom I was 90% sure that they were into me.


Their eyes told me.

Sounds unreal?

Get ready: Soon you’ll be able to know the same too! 😉

The Identity Body Language Eyes Share

body language eyes

When people say that ‘eyes or the windows of the soul’ this is what they mean.

When you look into her eyes she can see who you are and vice-versa.

Your eyes communicate your ‘identity’.

When you look straight into someone’s eyes your showing your character and personality.

Do you have kind eyes?

Or do you give a powerful gaze?

Your eyes show your inner strength and convictions. This is a powerful tool when flirting. She’ll get to know who she’s dealing with.

Look into her eyes and you can also discover what she’s about too. Is she looking back as intently? She might have a fiery personality. Is she “lost in your eyes”? She likes what she sees. 😉

But that’s not the only thing you can or want to send her with her eyes. Make sure it doesn’t turn into a staring contest: Show her your sexual side too…

The Sexuality Body Language Eyes Share

Shift your gaze from her eyes to her body. To every part of her body…Imagine undressing her with your eyes as you move them from her shoulders to her legs to her arms, etc…

She’ll notice what you’re doing and will like it. Complement her for her attractiveness with your manly attention. She’ll appreciate it as you do it with your eyes.

Attention! Don’t stay too long with this gaze you make her feel uncomfortable.

body language eyes

Keep it light and playful.

Have a slight grin on your face.

Bite your lip. 😉

This bypasses any need to speak the Korean.

Let your eyes do the talking…

More importantly – mix it with this third body language eyes speak.

Look for her sexual gaze too.

If she begins to check out your body with big eyes then she feels sexually attracted to you too.

The Vulnerability Body Language Eyes Share

Men who are comfortable with themselves share their vulnerabilities. Understand that women don’t want a ‘perfect’ man. Women want a man who is a human being.

Become more human to her by sharing your vulnerabilities with your eyes.


After you show your sexuality look down and away to show your vulnerability. Communicate your human flaws and social awareness by averting her gaze and looking away.

Allow her to relate to you more as a human being with showing your vulnerability. It’s okay to look away. In fact I recommend that you do it sometimes.

If a woman looks down and away it means that she accepts your masculinity. She accepts how she feels about you but is socially aware.

Remember how it’s “impolite to stare?” 😉

Combine The Body Languages Eyes Speak

Avoid the #1 mistake of only flirting with one of these gazes. Too much of the:

• ‘identity’ gaze will make you seem too serious.

• ‘sexuality’ gaze will make you look sexually needy.

• ‘vulnerability’ gaze will make you come across as a wimp.

Give them each 1 to 4 seconds maximum and then switch to the next gaze. Keep repeating it and she’ll begin to get the messages. This has been my experience and it allowed me to connect deeply with women in minutes.

Combine them and let them show how diverse your personality is. Attract her more as you flirt with these 3 eye languages.

Rotate through these eyes’ body languages and you’ll flirt more successfully.

You’ll know you did it right if she begins to show more of these body language signs. Know what to look for by clicking on the link.

She’ll also show these 3 gazes to you. If you can catch them you can discover what she’s thinking and feeling.

Have fun with it the next time your flirt! 😉

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