South Korea Population and Dating Korean Women

How The South Korea Population Guarantees Your Dating life

Looking at the South Korea population can help you rest easy knowing that she’s out there.

Understanding how many women there are in Korea and the percentage of them who are either overseas or interested in foreign culture is helpful!

There are roughly 25 million South Korean women in South Korea. There are also roughly 3.5 million South Korean women overseas.

Do you think you can find and be with your ideal Korean woman? You bet!


Worrying About Finding Her?

Are you having a hard time finding her? Think it’s never going to happen and you’re going to end up lonely?

Think again!

There is an abundance of Korean women who are looking for a guy just like you! The hard part is knowing where to find them and how to get a date once you do find one.


The Korean Population in Korea

Let’s say you’re looking to meet a beautiful Korean woman who’s conservative. Can you really find her?

Note: If you live in Korea I recommend moving to Seoul. Let’s say you live in Seoul! There are roughly 5 million Korean women.

Out of those 5 million women around 10% (a very conservative number) of them are conservative. That would mean that there are 500,000 conservative Korean women.

Let’s say that 1% of those women are your physical type (and this is a VERY conservative number!) That would mean that there are 5000 Korean women who are your exact type!

If you’re looking for that special one then the South Korea population numbers are in your favor!


The Korean Population Overseas

Overseas the South Korean woman population varies depending on where you live.

If you’re from the U.S. (where the South Korean population is highest) then you’ll find a million Korean women.

If you’re from Australia or Canada then there are roughly 100,000 which is a lot!

It would mean that 10% of the women are your type then it would be 10,000 and 1% of that is 100!

Again if you’re just looking for that special one then your odds are in your favor.


How This Helps You

She’s out there. If you’re willing to find her then you can but you have to go through the numbers!

NOTE: If you’re serious about finding your ideal Korean woman then I’d recommend going to Seoul. You can work there as an English teacher and if you live in the right spots (like Gangnam or Hongdae) then you can more easily find her.


How To Meet Her?

If you’re having a hard time with meeting and dating Korean women then I recommend starting my 9-week Meet Korean Women course.

I’m affiliated with this company because they help men meet Korean women more easily and effectively.

In any case just keeping the statistics of the female South Korea population in mind should put you at ease! You will find her if you make the effort of looking for her.

Good luck! 😉