Some History of Korea To Impress Your Korean Date

Some History of Korea ThatImpresses Your Korean Date!

Pick up some history of Korea that Korean women never expect (yet appreciate) that you know!

Knowing some about the history of Korea makes you seem like someone who cares.Most men your Korean woman has dated didn’t seem to care about Korean dating culture as much as she would’ve liked. If you enjoy little tidbits of information and want to impress your Korean date then learning some of the history of South Korea is perfect!For some reason Koreans don’t feel like their history is worth knowing. Maybe that’s because it’s mainly about being occupied or invaded. Besides that Korea has an amazing history and a story worth learning about.Your Korean date will definitely reward you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is Seoul’s Ancient Name?

When Korea moved it’s capital to Seoul it also changed it’s name. Originally Seoul’s name was Hanyang. So what you’re in conversation with her you can ask her if she’s from Seoul or “Hanyang.” She’ll be impressed that you know that because most people don’t.This is a simple tidbit of the history of Korea that can make you stand out.

Korea’s Islands

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Present And Pour Alcohol ‘Korean-Style’

South Korea feels like Japan took a lot from them.One of the things that they’re bitter about the most is that Japan claims sovereignty over two small islands on the East of South Korea called “Dokdo.”You can impress her by telling her that you too believe that Dokdo is Korean!Or you can joke with her that it’s Japanese.“Do you bring your passport with you when you go to Dokdo?” ๐Ÿ˜‰Seriously the Japanese don’t really care. They’re just two small islands between Korea and Japan and it’s more of a symbolic dispute than a practical one. Still, knowing about it and siding with Korea will make you gain favor in her eyes.

If you’re taking her out for a drink at a bar then be sure to do two things:Order a snack with the alcohol – This is how Koreans drink. They always have a snack like chips or pretzels with their drinks so makes sure you do too!Pour the drink with two hands and then let her pour for you! Koreans pour with two hands. Granted this is a little formal but it’s fun and will make you seem culturally cognizant.To make it more impressive re-fill her glass when it’s empty. In the West we tend to tip it off when we’re on low. With Koreans you only re-fill it when it’s empty.Granted this has to do more with the culture rather than the history of South Korea. In any case you’ll look good to Korean women when you do this!To discover more about the Korean culture click on the link.

Ask About Korea’s History

Yes there are plenty of books and blogs on the history of South Korea that could teach you something. On the other hand you can flatter your Korean date by having her teach you a little bit about her history. She will be glad you asked and will love to share a bit about her country.Just be sure you don’t ask about the war (unless you want to tease her for being a spy!) ๐Ÿ˜‰