Shocking Korean Facts About Interracial Dating And Korean Women

Shocking Korean Facts About Interracial Dating And Korean Women!

Discover shocking Korean facts aboutinterracial dating and Korean women!

Korea is a mystery to both Westerners and Asians (even Koreans!)The main reason is that it’s a traditional country that’s undergoing radical changes.

What most Western countries have gone through economically and socio-politcally in the past 200 years – Korea is going through it in 50.So rapid that many Koreans feel that it’s changing too quickly (which is understandable.) So where does that leave you? So what are some facts about Korea that can startle you. Get informed for whether you’ll visit Korea or deal with Koreans.Most importantly – get a better idea of the country your potential Korean date grew up in.

Fact #1 – Korea Isn’t Globalized!

Come to Korea or meet Koreans and you’ll be shocked at how good their English is (all things considered.)If you come to Seoul you’ll also be amazed at how technologically advanced it is. But this is just a front. In reality most Koreans have never • met a foreigner • been overseas • even visited the international part of SeoulOkay many people everywhere don’t care to see what’s outside of their own country…but you wouldn’t expect it from most people in the capital! Or at least not from such a technologically advanced country that is an economic powerhouse in it’s own right! Granted the younger generation is starting to explore more and get to know their world. They are interacting with foreigners more and are traveling abroad (whether for pleasure or because their families pay for their studies abroad.) I’m not saying that this is bad. I am saying that it’s a fact about Korea that you wouldn’t expect at first glance. Or if you’ve met Koreans abroad – know that their lifestyle isn’t the norm.In any case Seoul is no Hong Kong or Singapore when it comes to international mingling…even though it looks as advanced.

Korean Facts – Korean RelationshipsHappen Through Brokers

To this day many Koreans get partners from introductions. Granted these introductions can come from • friends • family • a relationship brokerDid you meet your Korean date at a party or from a random encounter? In Korea this is unheard of. In fact many Koreans frown upon relationships that come from a random meet.The irony is that most Korean dramas show people meeting ‘randomly’. Then again these Korean dramas don’t show many ‘foreigners’ on them either. It’s as if there weren’t any foreigners anywhere (unless they’re harmless Buddhist monks or castrated EFL teachers.) 😉

Korean Facts – More Korean MenMarry Foreign Women

Although Koreans frown upon Korean women – foreign men relationships they don’t mind Korean men – foreign women relationships as much. Or do they?In any case most interracial dating and marrying happens between Korean men and foreign women. Sadly the South Korea news attacks these relationships as viciously as it does any other “non-Korean” relationship. Click on the link above to find out why the media is controversial.

Korean Facts – There Still Is aGross Gender Inequality

korean facts

One of the main reasons that Korean women are more ‘mercenary’ than Western women (in general) is because of gender inequality.For one thing Korean women can’t make as much money as Western women in the West.If anything they make half (or a little more) of what a man makes for the same job. Also in terms of ‘status’ there isn’t much for being an ‘agasshi’ (single woman.) The only real way a woman can gain status in Korea is by whom she’s married to. Once she marries she becomes an ‘ajumma’ (or ‘아주마 which is Korean for ‘married woman’) and she then gets more status in Korea.Granted in spite of all this some Korean women choose to have a career. These women are called “golden miss” and are going against the grain.

More Korean Facts…

Want more shocking news about Korea to get ready? Get the inside scoop on how much money is spent on pornography to the ratio of interracial marriages.Read about these facts about South Korea here!

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