Sexy Kisses To Seduce Your Korean Woman For More Intimacy!

Seduce With Sexy Kisses To Get

Your Korean Woman More Intimate

Have a date with a Korean woman and want to seduce her?

Sexy kisses done just right WILL make her want more there and then.

Once you discover where and how to kiss her she will surrender herself to you.

Set up the right moment and circumstances for you to kiss her and she will love you for it!

5 steps to more intimate kissing are:

  • take her to the right place
  • kiss her in the right places
  • pace and lead
  • leave her alone
  • sweep her off her feet

Follow this step-by-step method and she will let you take her to a more intimate place with her.


Step #1 – Set Up The Mood For Sexy Kisses

The #1 place you can take her for kissing is your place.


Because in your home:

you control the mood – you can set up a romantic and sensual mood that will make kissing natural and even necessary.

You see: kissing is a way to release sensual tension. If you create a lot of tension by her liking you and having a sensual atmosphere then she’ll have to release it somehow. That’s where sexy kisses come in.

you are alone – I hope. If you live alone this is ideal. If you have a roommate tell him/her to leave you both alone. Hopefully your roommate will do that for you. This way your Korean woman will feel more comfortable.

you have a more intimate place – If she wants to get more intimate with you after the kissing she can. You have a bedroom (I hope) to keep the good times rolling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I even recommend having her first kiss with you in your home. For more on making a powerful first kiss click on the link.


Step # 2 – Kiss Her To Make Her Want More

If you want a woman to release sensual tension then kiss her on the lips.

If you want a woman to feel more sensual energy then kiss her on the neck and ear. Women love it when you kiss them there.

Ideally you’ll both be sitting on a sofa or somewhere together. This is where you pull her closer to whisper to her:

“What do you like more: a kiss here? Or here?”

When you say that you first kiss her neck for a bit and then her ear. Yes this is smooth but these sexy kisses work wonders!


Step # 3 – Pace and Lead

sexy kisses

When you kiss her it’s important that you enjoy it.


It does three things magically:

  1. it turns you on. There’s magic to a man being turned on. You will let your instincts kick in. Becoming more intimate becomes more natural.
  2. it turns her on. If you feel horny first she’ll start to feel turned on as well. This is what you want, right?
  3. it gives her the excuse to feel turned on. This is the magic. If you show that you’re okay with being turned on then she’ll feel comfortable showing that side of her as well.

That’s why if you want your sexy kisses to work then I recommend feeling the pleasure you want her to feel first.


Step #4 – Let Her Thoughts Seduce Her

Chances are she’ll push you away. This is good. She knows how powerful kissing the neck and ears can be. She’s getting turned on but isn’t comfortable with it.

By leaving her alone you’re telling her that there’s no rush to it. You’re making her feel safe where she can leave and stop this intimate escalation at any time. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Then get back to casually talking about other things. That way you let her turn herself on.

You light the fire. She’ll turn it into a flame by herself.


Step #5 – Sweep Her Off Her Feet

After a while you can do more sexy kisses on the neck and ear. Enjoy it and she will as well.

After a few more kisses this is when you

  • stop
  • look deeply in her eyes
  • tilt her head
  • and kiss her

This makes her first kiss VERY powerful and intense. No other man has done it like this before. She’ll love you for it.

From here you can escalate the intimacy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sexy Kisses Are Pleasurable

If you and her happen to love kissing and being intimate then you’re solid. Many women are sensual creatures and are longing for a man like you.

Make these techniques yours and you’ll watch her thank the gods of love for having you in her life (yes the gods of love.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s how they say: “good men are hard to find.”