Sex In Seoul’s Best Places

Sex in Seoul – Where To Go And How To Get There

Are you a Korea newcomer and are looking to have sex in Seoul?

Korea isn’t really known for it’s sex tourism (and it would shudder if it was!)

That being said it doesn’t mean you can’t find places that offer these ‘professional services’.

The most convenient place to go for a foreigner would be ‘Hooker Hill’ in Itaewon.

Itaewon is the foreigner district of Seoul and you can get there from line 6 to Itaewon Station.

Soon you’ll discover:

  • what it is
  • how to get there
  • what you can expect
  • how it’s done

I recommend hooker hill as the place to go for Seoul sex simply because the Korean women who work at Hooker Hill’s bars:

  • speak English
  • have experience with foreigners
  • are in Itaewon’s district

Itaewon itself is a great place for foreigners and more than just for sex scene. It’s the only place where you can feel at home. Itaewon has food, bar and ‘professional extra services’ that cater to foreigners.

If you’re looking for the experience or want to treat a guy friend in Seoul then this is how you get there:


What Is Hooker Hill

Hooker hill is a street that goes up a hill in Itaewon. It used to be the old brother sector for the U.S. military. It still is but not as much. You can find restaurants and grocery stores along the road as well.

The places to have sex in Seoul are either covered up or have tainted windows like in this picture.

sex in seoul

How To Get There

Once your reach Itaewon station’s exit 3 you want to walk straight. After 5 minutes you’ll come across an intersection. Take a right at the intersection and then you’ll be at hooker hill.

You can then go up the hill or take one of the darker alleys to find places that offer sex in Seoul. The most popular dark alley is the one you take on the first left. Rest easy – once you’re there you’ll know what to look for and where to go.

sex in seoul

What To Expect

As you walk around you’ll see Korean women pop out behind the tainted windows and greet you. If you like what you see you’re welcome to go inside the bars. Once inside she’ll chit chat with you and ask you if you want a drink. A drink for yourself (and her) will cost around W12,000 total to negotiate. The price will usually be around W100,000 a pop but you can probably negotiate for a better deal. Once you agree to a price she’ll lead you to a room and take care of you.

After you finished having sex in Seoul’s hooker hill you’ll get washed up and send on you way.


Alternative To Sex Tourism

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