Seoul Transportation For Meeting Korean Women

Riding The Seoul Transportation?

Meet Korean Women Too

Do you ride the Seoul transportation?

If you want to make it more fun and productive I recommend meeting Korean women as well.

If you’re looking to date Korean women then why not meet potential dates in the Seoul subway?

You have a lot more on your side and once you get over the initial fear you can choose to meet any Korean woman you want!


How To Meet Her In The Seoul Transportation

We both know that in spite of all these advantages it can be intimidating to strike a conversation with a stranger.

Especially in a public and quiet venue like a subway!

Rest easy – if you are aware of your (and her) potential awkwardness and circumnavigate it properly you’ll be feeling more and more confident every time you strike a new conversation!


Step 1 – Look Your Best!

Make sure you look presentable enough to ride a subway and aren’t socially uncomfortable. Can you meet and talk to strangers at a party or bar? Then you can talk to them in a subway.

If you’re non-threatening and well-groomed enough then she’ll welcome an interaction with you. In fact deep down she might even be overjoyed! It makes this time in the Seoul transportation magical.


Step 2 – Guaranteed Reason She’ll Talk To You

meet korean women in the seoul transportation

The second step is to find a socially acceptable reason to strike a conversation.

You can carry a map and ask where something is.

You can ask her what she’s reading. You can also ask where a certain subway stop is.

To help you feel more comfortable you can even carry a prop with you.

I recommend carrying a map or a Korean textbook and ask for some information.

She will be happy too because you’re giving her a socially acceptable reason to talk with you.


Step 3 – Be Cool – She’s Having Fun

If you’re nervous then she’s nervous.

I recommend letting yourself feel as comfortable as possible. If you want tips to help you feel comfortable with meeting Korean women on the Seoul metro then click on the link.

It takes time and practice to feel comfortable with talking to strangers on the subway. Once you’re comfortable it will open doors for you. The people you talk too (in general) will appreciate you being so brave.


Step 4 – Up The Ante

Next is to continue the interaction once you got it started. You can do that by switching topics as soon as you can because if you linger on your original topic it will die out and the conversation will be over.

So for example if you asked her where a certain subway station was you could then quickly ask her if she’s ever been there and what station she thinks has a lot of interesting things.


Step 5 – Get Her Number

The BEST part of meeting Korean women in the seoul transportation system is that they are more likely to give you their number.

She understands that you’re both going somewhere and if she likes you she’ll have to give you her number.

Guarantee getting her number – I recommend pulling out your phone and giving it to her. She’ll understand what she needs to do and will put in her number for you.

This is more practical because she has heard “Can I have your number?” so many times that she’s conditioned to say “no”.

In other words she’s more likely to give you her number if you give her your phone.


Enjoy The Seoul Transportation

The best part of this is that you’ll get to meet new people AND work on your social skills. In my case I also used the Seoul transportation to practice my Korean!

For more on why meeting Korean women on the Seoul metro is useful I recommend clicking on the link.

Have fun! 😉