Seoul Tourism To Meet Korean Women

Seoul Tourism For Singles!

Are you a single guy doing some Seoul tourism?

Looking to meet some pretty Korean women as well and avoid the troubles of being a tourist?

Seoul is a city of abundance and if you know where to go you can easily meet Korean singles.

For that to happen it’s a good idea to know where to book your hotel, what to bring with you and how to make meeting and enjoying a Korean woman’s company possible.

Who knows? You might meet a forever-friend or a beautiful girlfriend (maybe even ‘wife’!)

Seoul Tourism Step 1 – Where To Book Your Hotel

Depending on your budget and what type of woman you want to meet it’s a good idea to book your hotel ahead.

Or is it?

The best places to go depends on your goals. If you want to be surrounded by beautiful women and venues to take them to then I recommend Hongdae. It’s more of a hip place but it has everything you need to enjoy a Korean woman’s company.

If you’re looking to meet fellow tourists or go to tourist attractions then I recommend a place closer to Jong-no 3 ga. That’s where the main tourist attractions are. You can also go to Insadong and meet Korean women at one of the many tea shops in the area.

How to save money? If you’re looking to be more economical during your Seoul tour then I recommend booking with a motel rather than a hotel. They are just as comfy (if not more), offer more amenities and are a lot cheaper!

Or you can stay at a hostel. If you choose to I recommend finding one in Hongdae.

Seoul Tourism Step 2 – What To Bring With You

Before you travel to Seoul be sure to check the weather.  Korea has ‘4 seasons’ and it’s winters and summers are quite extreme. Make sure you plan ahead and check the weather conditions.

Make sure you have an international currency as well. You can get the best deals for transferring money at the banks but they mainly carry US dollars, Yen and Euros.

If you’re planning on meeting a Korean woman I recommend also bringing a pocket translator. You can use it both to learn some survival Korean AND to have an excuse for starting a conversation with a Korean woman.

Make sure you also bring your preferred condoms. Korea mainly has condoms that fit Koreans but not Westerners.

Seoul Tourism Step 3 – Do a Logistics Check

Let’s say you’ve come here with the intent of meeting and being with a Korean woman. Ideally you’d want to bring her back to your hotel/motel.

How can you make that easier?

Find venues around your hotel that are fun and that you can both enjoy. For example maybe there’s a neat coffee shop near your hotel. There might also be a stylish restaurant or bar.

Again for the best chances of finding something unique I recommend booking a hotel room in Hongdae. There is a lot to do there and plenty of Korean women to do it with. 😉

You can also book a hotel in Itaewon for the same reason. That being said understand that a lot of Koreans would not want to meet you in Itaewon. They are scared of all the foreigners there and feel uncomfortable with being a minority in their own country (which I can understand.) 😉

Final Thoughts on Seoul Tourism

Seoul is a big city with a lot to do.

Sadly for tourism at first it may seem like not having much.

Maybe a palace, the DMZ and Namsan tower.

You could do all those in a few days.

On the other hand if you’d like to have fun as a single man then there’s much to enjoy here.

There’s a

Seoul night scene that doesn’t end

• an abundance of beautiful Asian women

• a feeling of safety

and enough English for you to feel comfortable!

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