Seoul Tourism And Meeting Korean Women

Seoul Tourism And Meeting Korean Women!

Doing some Seoul tourism and want to meet Korean women?

There are two places in Seoul that I’d recommend staying in if you want to get to know Korean ladies.

Soon you’ll discover what these places are and why I recommend them for your first trip to Seoul.


Place #1 – Hongdae

Hongdae is the trendy part of Seoul. Many young Korean artists come to hang out in this part of town.

If you’re touring Seoul and want to meet younger and more open-minded Korean women then I recommend staying here. Hongdae also has a lot of bars and clubs for you to have fun in.

Where to stay?

I recommend staying at the Seokyo Hotel.

You can watch my tour of it below:

It’s right next to the subway so if you want to around Seoul then you’re minutes away from solid transportation.

How to get there?

At the Incheon airport ask the information center where the bus to Hongdae is. You can also find out how to get to the hotel by clicking for directions here.

Hongdae is my #1 place for Seoul tourists if you want to meet Korean women.


Place # 2 – Itaewon

If you’re new to Seoul and want something more international then I recommend staying in Itaewon. It’s got everything you’ll need. There are people who’s job is to help tourists find their way.

Most Korean women there are international and speak English. You’ll find a lot of women who are interested in meeting foreigners there. You can hang out at the coffee shops during the day or the lounges at night.

Where to stay?

If you’re in Itaewon I recommend staying at Hotel D’oro. It’s a motel with nice rooms at acceptable prices (US$70 for the basic room and it’s nice.)

How to get there?

From the airport you want to take a bus (ask the information counter.) Once you get off then cross the street and walk past the Coffee Bean coffee shop.

Keep going until you see a bar called ‘Helios’ on the other side. Cross the street to Helios and right behind it you’ll find the hotel. It has a few signs and again if you want exact directions you can find them on the Lonely planet page.


Seoul Tourism Is Not a Seoul SEX Tour

If you’re looking for an “intimate” tour then I don’t recommend coming to Seoul. Although there are places for Seoul sex I would recommend going elsewhere.


Have Fun Meeting Korean Women

These locations are great if you’re a Seoul tourist and want to meet Korean women. They are also good if you’re looking to move to Seoul. If you want to more about Seoul South Korea then click on the link.

In any case – have fun in Seoul!