Send That Sexual Message To Korean Women Covertly!

How To Send a Sexual MessageCovertly To Korean Women

In a strict society like Korea’s knowing how to send a sexual message covertly is VITAL.Women are extremely sexual and Korean women are no exception! So how can you make seducing a Korean woman more easy for you and adventurous for her?I recommend:  • wearing revealing or sexual clothes   • saying a few sexual jokes or sexual double-speak  • touching her intimately from the beginningOnce you can do these things then sexually seducing a beautiful Korean woman becomes fun for everyone. You’ll also get to know each other more ‘intimately. 😉

Wear Sexual Clothing

Note that wearing revealing or sexual clothing isn’t the same as not wearing anything at all. ;-)If you want to send a strong sexual message I recommend wearing clothing that shows your sexual nature.Tight jeans or T-shirt is one way. Wearing an opened up shirt is another. Having a handcuff chain is a STRONG way of showing your sexual nature.Your clothes must do the job of showing that you’re a sexual being. That way when she sees you she will either: • walk away because she doesn’t want to be seduced or chatted up • stay and let you chat her up because she likes what she seesYou can save time and energy by sticking with seducing Korean women who do the latter.

Make Sexual Jokes

Another great way to send a sexual message covertly is by putting it in a normal conversation.For example if she’s eating a banana you can say “You like bananas inside you I think. That’s good!It’s good for your health. Isn’t it too big for your mouth?” ;-)Or if it’s a hot day and she’s sweating you can say “You look wet.I’m sorry I have that effect on women. ;-)”Making sexual jokes and double speak like this works because it makes her laugh and she begins to feel sexual. Of if she doesn’t like it and acts repulsed then she probably doesn’t want to be seduced anyway. In that case you can either walk away to seduce another woman or let her walk away. Whatever happens – you win.

You can do this with texts and messages but be careful. Texts and online messages don’t send your tone. If you send a text it’s easier for her to take it the wrong way.For example if I send the message: “You like bananas I think.” She can take it literally and not get it. Granted I could add emoticons but still. I bet the example above even took time for you TOO to get the sexual joke.The BEST way to send sexy messages is offline.

Touch Her Intimately…

Touching her is a POWERFUL sexual message. It shows that you’re comfortable with your sexuality and with ‘touch’.If you’re comfortable with your sexuality then she will begin to be too. Or rather she will be comfortable with showing her sexual side with you.If you’re a touchy-feel guy then she won’t be surprised later on when you make a move. In fact she will welcome it because you’ve made it obvious to her that you’re that type of guy.This is where a lot of guys make mistakes. They don’t get physical at all and then JUMP at physical intimacy. This freaks the women out and leaves the men alone and confused. By touching her from the beginning you’re guaranteeing that she’ll feel comfortable with you touching her more.Of course start with socially appropriate places like the upper arm and shoulders and work your way around as you get more intimate.

Let HER Send You Sexual Messages

If you’re doing it right and she wants to be seduced then she’ll start to send you sexual messages too.Keep in mind that Korean women are not as sexually overt as women from your country (unless you come from Saudi Arabia.)So you might want to work a little harder or go to a more private place before she will allow herself to send you messages (ie: touch you and tease you.) ;-)Whatever happens have fun!