Romantic Date Ideas For Your Beautiful Korean Date

5 Romantic Date Ideas For Your Beautiful Korean Date

Coming up with romantic date ideas when dating someone from another culture is always a challenge.

Rest easy – soon you’ll know how to make your first dates with that beautiful Korean woman a success!

After going on countless dates with cute Korean girls I’ve discovered what worked and what didn’t.

Spare yourself the learning curve by using these romantic dating ideas for yourself.

Let’s find out how.

#1 Romantic Date Ideas – A Place YOU Enjoy

The best places you can take a Korean woman is a place you enjoy going to.


Besides the fact that you’ll enjoy yourself – chances are that you know people there. You’re also already comfortable with the place. This will make you more comfortable when taking your beautiful Korean girl there.

Chances are that the more relaxed you feel then the more she will feel relaxed.

This also gives her a chance to discover more about you.

For example: do you like sports? Why not take her to a sports bar? She’s probably never been and will love it because you do.

#2 Romantic Date Ideas – A Casual Place

When you take a Korean woman on a date understand that she’s probably never really dated a foreigner. I recommend that your #1 goal be to make her comfortable with you.

An ideal location is a place that’s casual and laid back. No need to impress her with the fancy dinner. She’d rather grab a New York pizza or Taco at a casual restaurant because it’s more chill.

Again she’s probably never had those foods before. If she had then you can tell her how this particular place makes the best ones in the world.

That’s why taking her there must be a secret.

If she tells someone you’ll have to kill her. 😉

#3 Romantic Date Ideas – A Place She’d Enjoy

We don’t really know what our dates like unless we do some detective work.

When you first meet her you can ask her what she enjoys doing or if she could do anything – what would she do.

She’ll give you some answers that you can play with to make a romantic date.


For example if she said she likes books you can take her to the big bookstore for a date. Just explore the books with her and she’ll love it! Just be sure to tease her for being a bookworm and accusing her of being the one who stole all your fiction books last Tuesday. 😉

Another example would be hiking.

Maybe she said she enjoys hiking (Koreans do hike a lot.)

You could set up a date for a hiking trip.

She’d like it.

Also what’s important is that you both are doing it together!

She can link the fun experiences to YOU.

#4 Romantic Date Ideas – A New Place For The Both of You

Another great place is to go somewhere where neither of you have been!

How do you know she’ll like it? I recommend using the information you’ve gathered from her when you first met her. What does she like doing? If she could do anything what would she do?

Did she say that she’d love to visit South America? With that in mind you can find a Latin dance club and take her there for one try.

This is romantic because she’ll see that remembered!

Also if you don’t know how to dance either you’ll come across as cute. If you DO know how to dance you’ll come across as impressive.

Either way – you win!

Of course you’ll have to do your homework. I recommend finding and checking out the place beforehand. Your Cute Korean date is worth it!

#5 Romantic Date Ideas – A Place For More Intimacy

If she likes you she’ll want to be more intimate with you. I recommend finding a place where you can be more intimate physically…besides your bedroom. 😉

A great place for a date would be a park. In the evening you can watch the sunset together and hug each other. If there aren’t many people around then you could even give her your first kiss…

Great Romantic Date Ideas Take Effort

These ideas are great but you must still do the work. When I was dating Korean women I would show up at the places one hour earlier to check them out and find fun things about them.

It’s effort but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll both have a good time and the magic that comes from enjoying each other’s company is powerful.

Make sure you have fun with it and she will too! 😉