Relationship Problem Advice For Relationships With Korean Women

Vital Relationship Problem Advice When With a Korean Woman!

How relationship problem advice differs with Korean women. What you must know about being in a relationship with a Korean woman.

Want to put your relationship with a Korean woman on track?

I’ve had relationships end because there were things I didn’t understand.  I thought that the relationship premises between a Korean and a Western woman were the same.

They’re not and you’ll soon discover the differences to put your relationship at ease.

I would say that the five major differences are that:

  • She would rather be quiet than address the issue
  • She consults her family or tarot card readers
  • She values her social circle opinion more important than her own opinion
  • Her culture is against relationships with foreigners
  • Relationship prejudices get in the way

Finally you can understand why your woman is vanishing from you.  The best relationship problem advice is the preemptive type.

Be Pro-Active Because She’ll Be Silent

relationship problem advice

Many times I’ve had a woman I was in a relationship with just disappear on me.

There are many reasons (she didn’t like certain things I was doing) but she would never confront me with them.

Instead she would just be silent to maintain the “appearance of harmony” and when the time came, she would just leave.

So the best relationship problem advice I can give you is to be pro-active.

Keep an eye on how she’s doing and how your relationship is going.

Don’t expect her to give you any clues or hints as to how it’s doing.  You’re going to have to do some guessing.

But if she’s not talking to you – Who is she talking to?

She Consults Family And Tarot Card Readers

Even today, a typical Korean woman lives with her family until her thirties.  She doesn’t get the chance to develop a mind of her own. Her family is very much the decision-maker of her life.

When it comes to getting relationship problem advice she would rather get it from her family than from experienced dating counselors.

The problem with that is that the older generation of Koreans don’t care much for dating foreigners.  Not only that but they’d  probably give her advice to stop being in a relationship with you

.If that weren’t bad enough the typical Korean woman would go to a tarot card reader.

Maybe she’ll take you along but in her mind, fortune tellers have valuable information about her future and relationships.

This is because Korea has strong shamanistic roots.  Going to a professional counselor is unheard of.  Or worse, it means that there’s something wrong with her (or you) psychologically and she’ll feel ashamed.

Her Social Circle Has More Weight Than You

Like most women, a typical Korean woman will get her relationship problem advice from her friends.  The problem is that asking for relationship problem advice is frowned upon.

A relationship either works or it doesn’t.  Korean culture  values harmony over feedback.

Also telling her friends that she’s in a relationship with a foreigner will make her look worse!  She would lose more face and so if she tells her friends her problems, she has to do what they recommend.

Either that or it’s dishonor for her and her family.  Yes, sometimes it’s still that serious.

So understand that in general, her social circle will stand against you when they give their relationship problem advice.

Understand And Accept

Korean Culture’s Stance

Korea has got to be the most xenophobic “advanced” nation in the world.

Korean culture is against “mixing blood” and if you’re having relationship difficulties it might because of this.

Sometimes you can’t do anything to save your relationship and as unfair as that sounds – you’ll have to deal with it. :(

I had a relationship with a Korean woman who would never introduce me to her friends and family.

At first it was because I thought that she didn’t want a serious relationship.  Then I realized it was because she didn’t want to admit to being with a ‘foreigner’.

In fact I lost more relationships to this “culture” then I dare to remember.  Granted it’s not just because of the “blood-mixing”.

Either she’s going to her home country or you are.  If you’re with a Korean woman in the West or Oceania then understand that she’s not going to be there forever.

To protect herself (and you) she’d rather just end it and disappear than enjoy her relationship until the end.

Also most foreigners in Korea eventually leave. This is the impression that Korean women have so they don’t want a serious relationship with you.

If there’s some relationship problems they’d rather leave than invest into getting relationship problem advice and fixing it (since you or her are probably leaving anyway.)

“What If She’s About To Leave Me?”

You still have hope.  If you’re serious about getting her back then check out The Magic of Making Up.   It’s still possible to get your ex back (even in Korea.)  If you’re able to address her concerns successfully then she might get back with you.

Click on the link for more.  Who knows? She just might be missing you too and glad you made it work again.

Final Thoughts On Relationship Problem Advice

So what CAN you do?

Being pro-active and understanding the circumstances you’re both in is your best tool to save your relationship!

If nothing else works the it might be time to let go of control…

Like I said – there are many things outside of your control that you’re going to have to accept or you’ll be stressed out for nothing.  Believe me, I’ve been there and there’s no point to it. :(

Note that I am speaking in generalities and am bringing out the worst of what you’ll have to deal with. I’d rather know you were prepared and knew some of the issues you’re up against.

This is especially useful because these issues are different than what you’d face in the West.

I didn’t even mention the language barrier!

If you want some specific relationship problem advice then feel free to post your question on the bottom.  I’m sure that either me or someone else in your situation can help!

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