Practical Orgasm Massage Sequence To Please Your Korean Girlfriend

For An Orgasm Massage This Works Like Crazy On Your Korean Girlfriend

Orgasm Massage – how to give your Korean girlfriend one that will make her stick around and be grateful for being with you!

A surefire way to make your Korean girlfriend stay is to give her one.

Very few men in her life have satisfied her as sexually as she could be.

In fact I’m willing to wager that she’s probably never climaxed before.

With a man I mean. 😉

Koreans in general don’t focus on having good sex. This is where you can shine! Allow her to experience an orgasm with you and she will remember you for the rest of her happy life.

The more surefire way to get her to climax by doing an orgasm massage. If you’ve never made a woman climax before that’s okay.

I didn’t know how to either until I took the time to learn and play around with it.

Soon you’ll discover the guaranteed steps to making a woman orgasm with you.

Orgasm Massage Step #1 -Make Her Feel Comfortable Enough

This may sound simple but it goes beyond just having a bed to lie on. I also recommend setting the right mood with candles and music (Enigma or Vanessa Daou will do the trick.)

I also recommend making sure you both take showers and wash either together or separately (depending on how ‘shy’ your Korean girlfriend is.)

Have condoms out and ready so that she knows you’re being safe and responsible.

It’s also about making her feel comfortable with being naked and sexual. Reassure her getting naked and being comfortable with your sexuality too.

Note: if you’re like I was and not comfortable with your sexual nature I recommend checking out High Status Male.

The author ‘Mike Pilinksi’ goes over why we aren’t comfortable with our sexuality and what you can do about it. His advice genuinely helped me and I’m sure it can do the same for you too. Simply click on the link above for more.

You can also make her comfortable with her nakedness by telling her how you love her body and can’t wait to get inside.

Orgasm Massage Step #2 -Begin With Foreplay And Go Lower…

Start getting her horny with foreplay. Keep it to kissing and caressing her body. As you do that (and enjoy it) she’ll begin to enjoy it too. Then you can start kissing between her less and start looking for her clitoris.

If you’re not sure where it is there’s a great educational site that has 3D images. Study it up – it’s a great investment in her (and your) love life.

Go back and forth between massaging her pubic area and other parts of her body. I recommend mixing it up with your hands and lips as well. Then gradually start spending more below her waist.

Orgasm Massage Step #3 -Massage Her Clitoris

This is where you can start massaging her clitoris.

As you stroke it quickly with your fingers watch her and see if she’s enjoying it.

Does she look like she’s trancing into her own world? Then you’re stimulating it well.

Is she looking at you like “Umm, what are you doing?” which is okay – just go slower or softer.

If you’re not sure you’re doing it properly then ask her. That’s fine too. Ask her how the massage feels and if she’d prefer it higher or lower…faster or slower

If she’s comfortable enough (if not refer to step #1) then she’ll place your hand where she likes it the most and tell you.

Even Korean women have had a lot of practice. 😉

In any case keep her enjoying your ‘massage’ until she’s climaxed. It can take a while.

Keep Massaging Her Until…

When you’re giving your Korean girlfriend an orgasm massage you’ll notice that it takes longer for a woman than a man to cum.

Not only that but until she does she’ll start thrashing and moving uncontrollably.

Make sure you pin her body and keep going. It’ll take effort to get her to orgasm but it’s well worth it! The massage might take 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. Your fingers and tongue will get tired at first but only at first.

Note: Many women will not ‘say’ that they want you to work it below the waste. Your girlfriend might consciously deny wanting to cum and say that it doesn’t matter to her.

In reality she’s hopping that you will get her to scream herself out of her senses as you short circuit her body with your fingers. 😉

I recommend being a man and putting in the effort without complaining. Believe me when I say that she’ll be forever grateful.

How To Tell That Your Orgasm Massage Made Her Orgasm?

Is her body starting to shake a bit? What about right after: did it just collapse as if she’s drained out of energy?


What about right after: is she letting out a sigh of relief?

If you want to make sure she came you can tell her to scream your name when she’s at at point.

That’s always fun. 😉

Korean women don’t fake it! – Korean women don’t fake it because most of them don’t even know what a female orgasm from a guy is like! They’ve probably never really had it before so they couldn’t fake it if they wanted to.

Now they might try to stop you because they might be uncomfortable with THEIR sexuality. After all they’ve probably never experienced this before.

When this happens just keep giving her the orgasm massage because “you enjoy it”.

Giving An Orgasm Massage Is Worth It!

Once you can make your Korean girlfriend orgasm she WILL look at you in a different light.

It’s a skill worth having.

Note that this comes from my personal experience and results. I’m no “sex god” and you don’t have to be. Granted if you want to learn from my mentor ‘RedpoleQ’ I recommend contacting him via this link. He’s helped men all across Asia satisfy their women.

You see: there’s a look that a woman gives you when she knows that you know you can make her cum. You are among those rare men to her and she will do what it takes to keep you.

Just make sure she says ‘thank you’ afterwards. 😉