Pickup a Korean Girl With These Proven Tips

Pickup a Korean Girl Smoothly With These Proven Tips!

Picking up a Korean girl successfully takes more than just ‘pickup lines’. Hitting on women is only a small part of what makes you able to pick them up.

There are two other vital parts worth discovering to make your pickups more successful.Soon you’ll have everything you need to make a Korean woman want to be with you. The best part is that if you do it well she will be grateful that you chose her.

Talk about picking up Korean women where everybody wins! :)

Pickup a Korean Woman With Your Identity

Knowing how to present yourself to beautiful Korean women will attract them. You’ll save yourself time and money because you’ll pick up the kind of women YOU like.For example – the famous pickup artist ‘Mystery’ wanted to attract groupies and hot blonds. What identity did he choose for himself? In ‘The Game’ he took on the ‘magician’s’ identity.This helped him save time and money. How? Only women who liked his fashion talked to him. At the same time he repelled the women (and men) who didn’t like his style.So what’s your identity? For more on how to attract a beautiful Korean girl with your identity click here.

Pickup a Korean Woman With Your Logistics

So there are hot Korean ladies in a shopping mall you want to pick up. But what’s your plan after that? If a Korean beauty wants to keep talking with you: where will you take her?

Randomly picking a ‘coffee shop’ is a beginner’s mistake. By the time you’ve figured out where you’ll take her she’ll be gone. Instead you’ll have more success by mapping out your logistics beforehand. In my case I would go to a place one hour earlier to figure out where I would make everything happen.

I recommend doing the same. To pickup sexy Korean girls with the right logistics click on the link.

Pickup a Korean Woman With Your ‘Game’

When you have a solid identity and logistics THEN you can focus on your game.

After studying game for more than ten years this is what I’ve found ‘game’ to be. It’s your ability to

  • know what your ideal woman wants
  • finding her
  • giving it to her in a way that keeps her genuinely happy

Pickup lines are only one very small part of ‘game’. For more on how to pickup cute Korean girls then click on the link.

More To Succeed At Gaming Korean Women

That being said this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Koreans are learning how to make dates happen for themselves. It’s no longer just about having the right connections

With the right skills and know-how you can be with gorgeous Korean women. I’ve done for myself when there was no mentor or korean dating tips. For more on how to build your own ‘game’ for attracting a woman from Korea I recommend claiming your copy of ‘Date Korean Women‘.

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Have fun! 😉