Pick Up Korean Comfort Women Successfully!

How Picking Up Korean Comfort Women is Different!

Discover how Korean comfort women are different so that you can pick them up successfully!

Some of those Korean comfort women are downright gorgeous!Would picking them up be similar than picking up normal women? Based on my experience and that of my friends we discover some differences.If you want to seduce Korean hostesses there are some facts you’ll have to accept.a Korean comfort woman is more likely to: • be challenging • be available for pickup when you least expect it • know just how to manipulate you • understand one powerful flaw in social dynamics • turn 180 for you based on ONE vital detailDiscover more about hitting on Korean hostesses and you too might be able to enjoy their company.OUTSIDE of where they work of course. 😉

Korean Hostesses Are More Challenging

Korean comfort women are more challenging because of their #1 behavior. They tend to act childish when you’d expect them to be mature.Sure they might be all well-behaved when they’re working. But when you catch them out of work their more annoying and princess-y than your typical Korean woman.

Where To Meet Korean Comfort Women

You can expect to meet more Korean women either in the afternoon. Or if you’re doing night game you can expect to meet them in clubs at midnight.Not so for Korean hostesses. They start work at around 10PM and finish at 3:00am. If you want to meet them after work you’ll be able to from 3:30am to roughly 7:00am.Why?Usually they like to party a bit after working. When the sun rises they then go to sleep. I’m not sure if they’re secretly vampires. ;-)You can meet them either at a specific club or on the more popular streets for clubbing. My mentor RedpoleQ met one Korean comfort woman sitting on bench waiting for the Seoul subway to start. Discover more about my mentor ‘RedpoleQ’ who’s been helping men in Asia pick up ladies in Korea for 5+ years here!

Korean Hostesses Are SkilledAt Manipulating Men

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One thing you must understand is that these women are good at influencing men’s behavior.It’s their job to know what turns you on and how to make you chase after them.So if she shows interest it has less power than if a typical Korean woman did.The same goes for the childlike tantrums.They’re a ploy to get you wanting to make her happy again.They know ‘game’ as much as pickup artists do.And they use it to their advantage. Here’s why:

Korean Hostesses Women Dynamics

Korean women have less status than men in public. In private it’s a different story. Korean ladies have more power over their personal relationships. They know just how to set that up as well.This is even MORE true for Korean comfort women. They’ve practiced enough with men. They know how to get more power and choice in your relationship.Want to meet her for a coffee date at 5pm? If she doesn’t want to to meet you she won’t. Is she calling you in the middle of the night to see you instead?If you want to see her then this is your chance. If you don’t she’ll probably find some other guy who will.

Make Korean Hostesses GoFrom Cold To Steaming Hot!

All that being said – there are some advantages to picking up a Korean comfort woman.For one thing she’s attractive and seductive. We like that. What’s even MORE beneficial is that once she likes you she makes your life a lot easier. Did you pick her up and deal with her tests? If she’s sticking around she likes you. She’ll make it easy to get more intimate with you.This is not common with your typical Korean woman.

Pickup Korean Comfort Women Now!

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If you want the skills and tactics to pickup Korean women then get the my complete guide to Date Korean Women. Click on the link for more!You get insider’s details on how to go from meet to finish. In fact pick up ideas to meet Korean hostesses outside of work (they do live normal lives after all.)Make your ideal love life happen in Korea!Have fun! 😉