Open Relationships And Korean Women!

Are Open Relationships

With Korean Women Possible?

Open relationships and Korean women – Is it REALLY possible to

have one with a woman from Korea?

Not only these relationships possible but more Korean women want them!

South Korea has changed remarkably for around 60 years and it’s still changing!

The newer generation have seen their family and culture and are strongly rebelling against it.

They are aware that South Korea has the highest suicide rate and is one of the world’s least accepting societies.

As younger generations rebel against traditional life, they also rebel against marriage and monogamy.

Korea And Open Relationships

Publicly Koreans frown on open relationships. This is because families to share dowries and split inheritance without any competition or fuss.

It also has to do with taking care of the parents as they get older.

The wife must take care of her parents and her husband’s parents. The husband also has a role to play in taking care of the parents. You can imagine how 2 pair of parents is enough…who would want more? 😉

Koreans disapprove not because of “love” or “destiny” which are reasons for monogamy in the West. It’s because of practical reasons. If the practical parts are set up then the rest doesn’t matter.

That’s why if the main ‘relationship’ is publicly monogamous and the parents will be taken care of – the couple’s individual love lives don’t matter as much.


That’s why in private it’s a whole other matter.

Both Korean men AND women are dating multiple people.

You can discover more about the different types of polygamy today and which ones are acceptable in Korean culture. Click on the link above for more. Speaking of Korea…

These days Koreans are becoming more globalized – especially in Seoul…and especially for women.

Relationships And Korean Women

Korean women have been fighting for more and more independence in their society.

Sadly in Korea a single woman (or ‘agashi’) has the least status. She has the hardest time finding a job, doesn’t have much say in her relationship and can only make something of herself by using her looks.

Korean women want to be more self-sufficient and less stressed about their relationships. These women are happier to be in open relationships and if you want to see other women whilst being with them, you can.

Granted these relationships can work only if you have the polyamorists’ mindset. Click on the link for more.

Note: You can have multiple relationships BUT it depends on how you set up the expectations. It also depends on if the Korean woman you’re dating isn’t in the opposite group.“Opposite group?”

The Cultural Backlash

Yes Korean culture is changing but there are still a lot of women who are against polygamy. They don’t want to have fun and want to marry as soon as possible.


They still get status for becoming a married woman (or ‘ajumma’) and don’t care to share you with other women.

My Point About These Relationships

Yes – you can have them. Korean women are more accepting of them if you know how to set them up properly. This is important because although she might accept your relationship arrangement – those around you and her might not.

Check out the pros and cons of having multiple lovers from Korea. Click on the link to learn from my 4+ years experience in dating multiple Korean women.

I’ve had polygamous relationships many times and everyone has been happy in them. That being said succeeding at polyamorous relationships requires certain DON’Ts and DO’s. Are you handling your relationships properly?

Click to find out!

Have fun! 😉