On Korean Models And How To Date One

How To Date Korean Models In Seoul!

Find Korean models to be the prettiest women out there?So do I!  Korean women are blessed with beautiful bodies (and the plastic surgery to make up the rest!) 😉  It’s sad to sit on the sidelines and fantasize about being with one. 

How about trying to start a conversation the next time you see one?

She just might love your personality and charisma as well!  But to attract them you have to understand a few things: • Their situation • What they want • What you can doArmed with this practical information you can make dating these models much easier on yourself!

Discover Why Korean Women Become Models

Everyone wants the best for themselves.  Korean women who become models are no different.  Sure it’s a job but being a model has its perks.For example if you’re a Korean model you’re more likely to date in higher Korean society.  You also have some status (it sure beats being a waitress or worse ‘a hostess’.) Generally in Korea for them: status seems to matter more than anything.On the other hand a Korean model only hangs out in her social circle of Koreans (or models in general.)  Unless they’re ‘Westernized’ they aren’t very social with others and wouldn’t even think of dating a foreigner.

What She Wants

That being said models are often bored with their social circle of models.  Deep down they fear the competition because they’re all getting older and their looks are deteriorating.  Not to mention their little flaw here and there like a slightly large nose, etc…Also in the fashion world being a model doesn’t have as much status as you’d think.  So they want someone who’s interesting (entertaining), has high social value, is indifferent about their job (show’s you know the “real deal”) and is “in” with their social circle.

What You Can Do Now

First things’ first – you want to do is find out where they hang out!  Unless your job surrounds you with Korean fashionistas I recommend going out more regularly.  If you’re in Seoul Korean models enjoy going to the trendiest clubs and bars.  I recommend going there and doing what it takes to get ‘in’ with them.”How do I do that?”I recommend getting to know some of the model guys first.  Befriend them and bring them social value (get them laughing, stories, etc…)Too nervous to go out and meet strangers? I recommend taking my 9-step Self Meeting to Dating Korean Women Self-Study Course.  It can help you face you fear of meeting Korean women and be the kind of guy who they want.  It’s on me!

Let’s get you started with dating a Korean model today!

Commit To Befriending Models

korean models

It looks daunting to meet models if you’re not one but they’re some of the friendliest people I’ve met.  Again start with befriending the guys and you can then ask “who are you here with?” 

From there they’ll introduce you to that beautiful Korean woman you’ve been dying to meet!Now usually Korean guys will hold you back from talking to their women but with models I don’t find this to be the case.  If you’re ‘in’ you’re ‘in’. ;-)Once they introduce you you can then start to work your magic! 😉Don’t have any ‘magic’?Again I recommend looking at my 9-Step Self Study Course and what it can do for you.Hey, you asked how to do date them and I’m telling you – it’s a tough game but if you’re committed and willing to do the work you’ll have one in your life too!