Meet Sexy Korean Women in 3 Easy Steps

Meet Sexy Korean Women Now In 3 Simple Steps!

What if I told you that you could start a conversation with sexy Korean women in 3 simple steps?

After years of meeting and starting conversations with hot women from Korea I’ve formulated a simple 3-step process that has worked for my friends and I.

Women from Korea will laugh, you will feel good and you’ll both have a solid reason for starting a conversation!

Step 1 – Ask Them “Can You Speak Korean?”

The next time you see hot women from Korea go up to them and ask ‘quite curiously’ if they can speak ‘Hangukmal’ (South Korea’s language).

This is funny because in their mind (and in yours) that of course they can speak ‘Hangukmal’!

Usually they respond with “I’m from Korea!” That’s when the real fun begins!

Step 2 – Pretend That You Thought That They Were From Africa

Yes, Africa. I don’t know why hot Korean women find that the funniest but they do! Maybe it’s because it’s clearly obvious that they aren’t.

The more you act like you thought they were, the funnier it is!

From here they will give you the “are you kidding?” face where you can say that it was a joke and then seriously ask them where they’re from.

Again they’ll respond that they’re from Korea.

Here’s the final part that gets them roaring with laughter and gets you in!

Step 3 – Say “I’m From Korea Too”

You then act surprised and say that you’re from Korea too! Now if you really are Korean (or have Korean roots) then YOU can say “of course I’M Korean!”

If you’re not from Korea tell them that you are but that you just had plastic surgery done. That’s why you don’t look Korean. Sexy Korean women find this funny!

Get past the language barrier by keeping it all simple. Use simple English and a lot of body language to get these jokes across!

What if I Can’t Even Approach Them?

If approaching hot women in Korea scares you then I recommend taking an Approach Mastery Bootcamp with PickupAsia.

I’m affiliated with this company because they help men face their fears of approaching and starting conversations with Korean women. They’ve been doing it for 5+ years and you can read reviews about them by clicking on the link.

Does This Work on Sexy Korean Women Outside of Korea?

Yes it does.

That being said it’s important to make sure you use it ONLY on Korean women.

It’s difficult to tell so I recommend being careful. Granted if you’re in a Koreatown or the women are speaking Korean then you can rest easy and assume that they’re Korean.

Also if you live in Africa then maybe it’s better to use another continent or country instead.

If the woman you meet is from Korea but has either never lived in Korea or speaks the language then you can tease her about not speaking it. You can even say that YOU’RE a Korean who’s never been to Korea and that you don’t speak it either.

What’s important is being playful and keeping things light. If you make a mistake or she’s offended by the humor then maybe it’s better to move on to someone else. 😉

What Happens Afterwards

After chatting them up with this sequence you can continue the conversation as naturally as you would with any other woman.

“What if I don’t know how to continue from there?”

If you want to get confident and comfortable with conversing with Korean women you’d like to date then again I recommend taking an Approach Mastery Bootcamp. You can get more information by signing up for PickupAsia’s Newsletter.

Until then why not try out the sequence above? Share a laugh with sexy Korean women and have her feel differently about you than the other guys she’s met.