Meet Seoul Motor Show Women Today

Meet Seoul Motor Show Women Today

Have you been to a Seoul motor show yet?

Some of the hottest Korean ladies work the scene and pose with the cars. Sometimes I wonder if people go there to admire the cars or the Korean women. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In any case why not do more than just ‘look’ at them? Why not meet them and maybe even get a date?

Don’t think you can do it? It sure takes self-confidence. I believe that confidence comes from doing what works.

Here’s my step by step guide on how and where to meet a Seoul motor show woman for your best dating chances.

When and Where Is The Show?

It takes place between April 1st to 10th of every year at the KINTEX exhibition hall. That hall is in Ilsan just North-West of Seoul.

If you’re just visiting you can click on the link above for directions on how to get there. If you’re taking the subway then I recommend getting off at Daehwa station on line 3 (orange line.) You can take a cab from there and it will be a 5 minute ride.

So let’s say you get there, what should you do if you want to meet a Korean woman from the Seoul Motor show?

Step 1 – Meet Them When They’re Bored and Working

seoul motor show

I recommend walking around the show with a camera and getting your picture taken with them.

Have them take a picture with you and pose in funny ways (like in the picture to the right.)

This should get them laughing.

Once they laugh I recommend reading their name on their name tag and then saying it as if you’re a psychic who just pulled it out of nowhere.

She should laugh at that.

Then introduce yourself and when she takes your hand, spin her. At this point she’ll remember you.

This is where you thank her for the picture and say ‘goodbye’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you walk away I recommend tagging her name to the picture as a reference (put it in your phone book.)

Step 2 – Meet Her During Breaks

You don’t want to have a conversation while she’s working because everyone sees her and she’s working (duh!)

Instead you want to do that photo routine with as many Korean models as possible.

As you walk around you’ll notice them either walking around as well, taking lunch breaks and/or in the back of the hall taking a break.

That’s where you want to interact with them. When you see her I recommend joining her group (she’ll probably be with friends) and saying how her photo poses were very good (might want to use body-language to express that.)

You can then sit down and ask everyone how they know each other. This usually breaks the ice and gets the social conversation going.

Step 3 – Get Her Number

If she’s by herself or even with friends ask her where she lives (which is important because of logistical reasons.) You can tell her that you’re visiting/living in Korea (depending on your situation) and invite her and her friends to a dinner or drinks.

Once she acknowledges that you can ask her to give you her phone so that you can put your number in it. Once you have her phone call yourself and make sure she writes your name in her phone.

“What if she doesn’t do it and refuses?” Then don’t worry. Just thank her for her time, wish her the best and move on.

You’ve met a lot of other Seoul motor show women. Simply repeat the same process with the others too. Sooner or later you’ll find a match and who knows where it will lead you?

You can then call her either later during the evening (after the show is finished) or the next day to set up a date.Understand however that they are working and get hit on all the time.

Make yourself different by being more social and talk about how you understand the difficulties of the job. You can even say that you used to model pose for cars before too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

How Can I Do This?

“I don’t even know how to interact with a Korean woman! What do I even say first?”

Rest easy – If you want more conversation ideas and starters then I recommend finding out how to meet women first.

If you’re really serious about getting the skills to comfortably meet and interact with Korean women then I recommend looking at what PickupAsia bootcamp can do for you. They help men develop the social skills to meet and date Korean women.

Final Thoughts on The Seoul Motor Show

The women are beautiful and the cars are just as much. If you plan this right you can have an amazing experience! If you want you can even go there everyday during the whole motor show!

You can build relationships with the workers and Korean women and who knows where it will lead you? Imagine dating her and telling your friends what she does! ๐Ÿ˜‰