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Date Hot Korean Women Now!

Hot Korean Women – Boost your chances at finding, meeting and dating them now! Anything in life is possible and if you want to date beautiful Korean women then so be it!

If you want to date hot Korean girls then let’s be frank.Korean women are the most challenging women to date in East Asia.It’s because the of the โ€ข cultural โ€ข lingual โ€ข and societal barriers that hold you back.Thankfully you’ll now learn how to break through the barriers and attract the kind of beautiful Korean women you want!

Bypass The Cultural Challenges

Look as friendly and safe as possible.Korean women don’t talk with strangers. Even having small talk for the sake of politeness doesn’t happen. If they don’t know you through introductions they will be reluctant to talk to you.So boost your chances by being as friendly as possible when you strike a conversation with any Korean women you meet.Play within the social boundaries.So you’re in the subway and see a beautiful Korean woman worth talking to. Should you chat her up the way you would a Westerner?

hot korean women

I don’t recommend it.If you’re in Korea I recommend giving her (and yourself) a social excuse for talking to her.So for example, instead of saying something like “you’re the prettiest woman in the subway. High five!”I recommend asking her where a subway station is or what subway stop are you at now.You can then ask her if she speaks Korean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take On The Language

Learn basic Korean.Needless to say that learning Korean can only help you. Take your time and expect it to be a challenge (even if you’re a linguist like me.) I recommend starting with learning how to write hangul. The writing part is quick to learn (2 hours or so) and you can impress hot Korean women by writing something in Korean (like their names.)Target English-Speaking Korean women and make them feel comfortable.If the language barrier is too much for you then I only recommend sticking to English-speaking Korean women. The problem is that most hot Korean women don’t both with learning English because, well, they don’t need it (unless they grew up or like the West.)Most beautiful Korean women don’t give special treatment to Westerners and only date Koreans.Keep things simple.In any case, if you plan on speaking English to them then I recommend keeping it as simple as possible. Don’t make sarcastic jokes or try to be witty with language. Instead if you want to make them laugh try more simple and childish jokes. Think elementary school jokes and stick to them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adapt To The Society

hot korean women

Make Korean friends.Most hot Korean women meet they boyfriends through social introductions.If you want to meet some then you’re going to have to have Korean friends.Join a Korean social circle and bring value with these tips. If you live in Korea then you can join interesting groups (like English-learning clubs and such.)If you’re not then finding Korean clubs or classes (or churches) that you can join can be a great place to start!Get the best ‘status’ you can.In Korean society you’re slotted based on your age, gender and status. Make yourself more attractive by bettering your status.We can’t just go out and get a new job so what do we do? Start with a better title! Instead of ‘teacher’ become an ‘educator’. Rather than ‘bus driver’ become a ‘transportation engineer’.Sure in the West we’d see it as ‘lying’ but in Asia this is the social “push-up bra.” ๐Ÿ˜‰Learn their ways.The biggest mistake guys make is not trying to learn about Korean culture or Korea at all. Learn their language, history and way of life. Who knows? You might actually find something fascinating!

How Serious Are You About DatingHot Korean Women?

Put in the work and you’ll reap the benefits.Simply choose which type of Korean ladies attract you the most!Discover your options by clicking on the link.If you really want to date hot Korean women then get ready to transform yourself into a Korean-woman attraction magnet.Be willing to adapt to what beautiful Korean women want with the tips above and you will find your ideal Korean woman (she’ll want to be with you too!)

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