Korean Girls React to Male Strippers

Korean Girls React to Male Strippers

Watch the below video.  It’s about 10min long and is a great continuation from the last video I shared with you to help understand Korean attitudes towards sex and sexuality.  After you watch the video, listen to my commentary with McConnell where I highlight some of the most important aspects and point out a few things that you may have missed.

I’ll also give you some tips you can use next time you’re on a date with a Korean girl!

What You Can Learn About Korean Girls From This Video

*NOTE: You can find a transcript of this audio discussion below

Resources Mentioned:

Sexuality in Korea wikipedia page

Korean “Coffee Ladies” article

Korea Police Tire of Being Abused by Drinkers

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Martin: Hey guys this is Martin and once again I’m here with McConnell and a couple days ago I sent you a video, Korean girls react to Anaconda, which was the video with Nicky Minaj’s Anaconda and Korean girls reacting to that. So this time you just watched the video of them reacting to a movie called Magic Mike, and in Magic Mike, as you saw, it’s a movie about a stripper, and, as they said, there is no strip club in Korea for male strippers…of course they have all sorts of scum baggary for men.

Actually, maybe we should talk a little bit about that first because if you are overseas and you haven’t spent time in Korea, you probably aren’t aware of how large part of Korean culture…

McConnell: Traditional Korean culture!

Martin: You know, I was actually reading an article just the other day, it said that sex and sex type businesses account for like 1.6% of the GDP of Korea. Do you know any comparable figure for Japan?

McConnell: No I don’t, kind of curious.

Martin: May be you can look one up. So, there is a lot of sex business in Korea and they come in all sort of shapes and forms—shapes and sizes and forms. There are places you can go for blow jobs—you know I have never been to one of these places, but I know they have lunch specials, like $30. There are a lot of places that have, if you ever see a place that has two barber poles in Korea and when I say if you ever, I mean if you ever go down any street in Korea, you will see some places, especially not in the major down town, really developed areas.

But if you go back a street or two, or if you’re in one of the smaller areas or one of the smaller stations, you’ll see places with two barber poles, those are all whore places—normally with older women. So if it is one barber pole then you can safely go in to get your hair cut. But if you see two then that something totally different. Like I said normally my understanding is that it’s kind of like older women in their 40s or whatever.

And there’s is anma and anma in Japan or in Thailand ss called soap land where they wash you and then they have sex with you.

Then there is KTV. KTV is noraebang and noraebang is Korean for karaoke and karaoke is English for Japanese. Anyways it’s called noraebang there. Obviously there are normal noraebangs where you can just go and get a private room and you can go with your friends and you sing and you get drinks and that sort of thing.

But they also have ones where if you go there, they bring out a lineup of girls. You pick the girl you want and they stay with you and they drink with you and, if you pay them enough, they will have sex with you, maybe, if they want to, or maybe they’ll give you at least a hand job or blow job or something, depending on how much you are willing to pay or something like that.

And there is room salon, which is very similar to the noraebang, to the karaoke. But instead it’s really more focused on you just drinking with the girl. They probably have karaoke there but its more focused around drinking and normally those place are more expensive and there is even places called ten-puro, and ten-puro means 10%. And it means that the quality of the girls is the top 10% of girls in Korea.

And there is il-puro which is means 1%, and is the top 1% of girls in Korea. So it’s like how attractive the girl are and these place are really expensive—it could be hundreds of dollars. You know, US$500 just to sit down there and get some drinks and then normally if you pay enough money the girls will have sex with you. In fact, Vision was dating a girl a long time ago, and she is still kind of in the picture and her mom got sick and she had an aneurism and she is now working as a room salon girl.

If the mama-san, I guess in Korea its called a “madam”—the madam tells her she has to bang a dude, she has to bang a dude. So this is very very prevalent in Korea and what’s really interesting about the prevalence of it, is that even though it is so extremely common. At the same time Koreans will deny the existence of any of this stuff. And this is a great insight into Korean culture. And when I when insight into Korean culture, I’m not talking about the sex side of things.

I’m talking about how there is both the obviousness of the sex culture, and at the same time, there is this complete denial of its existence. You know, if you walk down the street in Gangnam, for example, at night, there are always flyers littered all over the ground that are advertising these businesses.

Oh! I forgot there is also lip salon, where it’s like a make out cafe, you could make out with some girl for money. I think there is like some other ones, I can’t remember. Most of these things exist in Japan as well but Japanese just think it’s kind of funny and cute that these thing exist and it’s not really a big deal. But in Korea it’s like, “no, this doesn’t exist,” but at the same time, I was looking at an article and I’ll link to it, it’s a wiki-pedia article on sexuality in Korea and I believe it said that for men like 70% of their first sexual encounter is with a prostitute. So, obviously if that’s true then there are clearly a lot of women in the prostitution world, with all of these different types of prostitutes…Oh!and there are the “coffee women”. These are like women in their sixties who like don’t have a lot of money, do you know about this?

McConnell: No, I don’t know about this I actually.

Martin: I should find this article, there’s like women in their sixties and they sell coffee, like at the park. And old dudes will go to the part and buy coffee and then they can take this old lady, you know 50 or 60 years to a cheap hotel you can rent for an hour and have a bang out session for like, I think the price of they cited were like 10 bucks, 20 bucks or something like this.

So these old ladies do it to make some extra cash. The reason I’m highlighting this, isn’t as a judgment on Korean culture. I mean we don’t really care about whether there are a lot of whores or not. But the attitude about it is what’s really important. So, as you see in this video, their attitude toward the idea of stripping…there was clearly one girl that was really, “Oh, I’m very conservative,” and all of that stuff. But you saw that most of the girls seem to have or seem to put across very mixed feelings about it.

There is like this feeling that even though they really like it and they are interested they have to be secretive. And that plays out in Korean dating in many ways. Maybe you can give some examples of some of the things that you’ve heard from the guys or in your own experience about how that dichotomy sort of plays out.

McConnell: You mean public facing or private life?

Martin: Yes, can you give us some examples. Well you know one of the things that’s like a real good example is…you know actually I just got a question from a guy. He’s living in Australia and he dated Korean Americans or Korean Australians, I guess.

Anyway, westernized Koreans. Now he’s dating a Korean-Korean girl and he was saying that she won’t hold his hand in public and he has been on a few dates with her and she is clearly interested because he went on a date with her, he tried to kiss her and she wouldn’t or maybe she gave him the cheek and so he thought, as Westerners often do, that she’s not interested so he didn’t call her.

And then 4 ,5, 6 days later, she called him and said, “how come you haven’t called me?” and as a Westerner it’s like, “well if you like me then you know we would be kissing probably; you wouldn’t have given me the cheek you wouldn’t have refused holding my hand.” But in Korea as McConnell was just alluding to, in the public there’s a lot of things that are not okay but in private those thing are totally okay or I shouldn’t say totally okay, that’s probably a stretch but there are a lot of things in public that you just can’t or are not allowed to do.

McConnell: Or to acknowledge.

Martin: Yeah you can’t acknowledge. I think that’s really good.

McConnell: There is another really good story from one of the guys. I think it was Vision who was telling this a few years ago, when he was like with some girl on maybe like the second date—the second time they had been out—and she was like, “oh! you know, in Korea we don’t kiss on the first date like maybe by the fifth date, you can hold my hand a little bit and then by like the tenth date maybe then we can like kiss but in Korea this is how it works. This is not like America,” and I guess he’s gotten that speech and I mean a lot of the guys have gotten speeches similar to this.

Martin: Yeah it’s a very common, I mean this is common in Asia but especially common in Korea where girls will tell you how thing are supposed to work and they don’t actually work that way.

McConnell: Yeah because it’s really funny, you listen to these girls say these things and then you can go to one of the clubs in Korea and you see Korean guys pulling the girls—like grabbing them; just dragging them out of the club.

Martin: That’s a really good point because one of the things they said about the trailer is they said, “oh! you know, could they not be so rough with the girl,” but if you go to Korea you see how Korean guys in clubs are with girl. They are very rough and very physical with them and I think this is another example of that Korean dichotomy. The club is sort of like a special environment.

McConnell: Like a private environment.

Martin: Yeah, it is in a lot of ways and so, you know, guys can behave like that or there is sort of like a dichotomy around drinking in Korea. I think, in the West, when people drink they are still largely responsible for their behavior. You know pretty much, if you were drunk, you can’t just be like, “oh! sorry I was really drunk,” and people are like, “oh! okay.”

And I think there are two reason for that. One is that, drinking is kind of part of the culture, and it’s like a bonding thing among people. So you kind of have to drink. So in a lot of ways it’s not really your responsibility if you get drunk. Like actually we were just talking about this the other day about, you know, we are both Americans and we have some Canadian friend as well, and friends from Europe.

But when North American’s are together and we order drinks. People don’t really cheers all that much. But in Korea, in case you are not aware it’s the largest per-capita consumption of hard liquor in the world, more than Russia! They do more shots than Russians do and they have this drink called soju, which is like a rice wine. And the way it works is that people drink it as shots and it’s always:

Cheers!” drink

Cheers!” drink

And so if someone cheerses you, you kind of have to drink. That’s kind of the way it works and it’s kind of impolite if you don’t. Especially if you’re drinking with someone older than you. And when I say older I mean, let’s say if you are a junior in University and you are drinking with a senior or it could be, if you are at a work function and you know it’s someone superior—your superior or even someone who has been in the company like a year longer than than you. So, you have all these situation where you basically have to drink. So, it make sense and I actually saw this one video, it was showing like drunk Korean guys in confinement, you’ve seen this, right?

McConnell: Yes, I’ve seen this video.

Martin: And you know it’s like basically Korean guys just getting really drunk and then, you know, the cops arrest them but really they just arrest them so they don’t cause trouble and they get them in a room and the guy might be like going nuts in there, and trying to break things and whatever, but, you know, they just wait for them to sober up and then they just send them home and its fine.

McConnell: And this is a very commonly portrayed in Korean media, like in Korean movies like in Old Boy. Have you seen that?

I don’t think I’ve seen that, I’m not sure I’ve seen like one, is that the movie with the murder and the retarded kid? Sorry! The mentally challenged kid…

McConnell: Old Boy..it’s like a revenge movie.

Martin: Okay, I haven’t seen this one.

McConnell: Yeah it’s very famous. So, in Old Boy, the movie starts out with this guy being really drunk in Korea and he’s like, kind of, in confinement. Also in that movie, My Sassy Girl, have you seen that?

Martin: Oh I’ve heard that this is really worth watching.
McConnell: Yeah it is. It’s quite good and in that movie there is several times when the guy ends up in these, one of these like drunk confinement things, so it’s really common to portray these sides of Korea, I guess in media but at the same time, you wouldn’t talk about this.

Martin: So people know that this happens and it’s not like, I mean obviously it’s not..I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing because in the same way, you’re not really responsible. It’s not like you go out drinking by yourself. You’re out with a group of people who you probably know very well and then you just get insanely drunk.

So in that kind of drinking environment, definitely there are a lot of behaviors that are a lot more allowed. For example, in the West right now, if you, now-a-days a guy can get arrested—prosecuted—for rape if he’s drunk and the girl is drunk because she is not able to give her consent. In Korea that would not fly.

You can’t say, well, because she wasn’t able to give consent, it’s now rape. The way it works is that if she didn’t want to, she shouldn’t get drunk. Now I’m not taking any position on this. I’m not saying that that’s the right way, I’m just telling you how Korean culture works.

McConnell: And then at the same time you know, if anyone is listening to this and they are like, “oh! The women don’t really have much freedom,” or “they don’t have any way to protect themselves,” you have to remember that Korean girls are brought up in this and they are taught to be very icy towards guys so that if they don’t want to end up sleeping with these guys they are very in control in a lot of cases because their normal mode of behavior is to be very cold to them.

Martin: I mean they don’t have this, they look at it like men are going to do certain things and women have to take certain steps so that those things don’t happen to them. That’s pretty much the way that it’s looked at. In the West that’s a perspective that is considered really bad because men are supposed to be a certain way, they are supposed to respect women and all these sort of things but in general, and actually there is a really interesting cultural study, and it talks about cultures that are very practical versus idealistic and you know the US is pretty idealistic.

And Asian cultures, Confucian cultures—China, Korea and Japan—are very practical and so their perspective there is like, okay, there are men out there and they are drunk and horny and you know that, and if you go out, and you’re not in a position to be able to protect yourself from drunk and horny men than you’re basically, I hesitate to say asking for it but…you’re asking for it.

You know, there was even a report a couple years ago talking about various situations of girls having gotten raped and that was the consensus for most of the people who replied and their comments were that, “well, you know, if you’re going to fall asleep in front of the lion’s den,” like this is actually what a guy said!

If you fall asleep in front of the lion’s den, don’t be surprised when the lion eats you,” or maybe it was a wolf but anyway. A ravenous animal of some kind.

So that’s very different and so I think what is really interesting here in this video is that, the girls weren’t saying, you know, that sexuality is bad in any way shape or form. I mean most of them were pretty supportive. Even the really conservative girl was like “well, I don’t think there is anything really wrong with this.”

But they, sort of, didn’t want to be associated with it themselves:

I could go once.”

And then it was really interesting, he was like, and I love this interviewer because he really sort of pushes the girls and he says, “just once?” and the girl starts laughing like immediately because saying just once is a way to say like, “oh! you know I’m not really into it, I just kind of want to see. I’m just curious but it’s not something that excites me,”

And this is a very common situation and there was another situation where another girl said, “I want to just see it once,” and another girl said, “oh! But if it’s just once then it won’t stick around. We have to keep going so that it stays open!”

McConnell: And then also you know the other thing was one of the girls on multiple occasions, she said, “well you know I wouldn’t go in public. I wouldn’t watch the movie in public but I would watch it in private like at my house.”

Martin: You know, “I couldn’t tell my mom I went to see this movie,” for example, whereas in the West a girl could just tell her mom she went to see it and her mom would just be like, “oh! Young girls having fun, hahaha, that’s nice,” whereas in Korea that would just be bad.

So, I think there was something else I wanted to mention about some of the girls reactions. The other thing is that I think that one of the girls that I would go if I didn’t have to go up on stage, right? So, once again it’s like that public versus private sort of thing. And there was one girl who said that she feels that you can’t really go to this sort of place if it was in Korea because people would judge you but you could go overseas.

And this is interesting because if you travel in Asia at all, especially Thailand, for example, then if you go to go go bars to like Thai strip clubs you often see Korean girls there or Korean couples there and you often see that. And if you suggest to a Korean girl about going to something like that they’ll be happy to go and it’s very clear, in Korea what’s acceptable and okay and what they really want to do they can do it other places.

So, I want you to keep that in mind and I think I don’t have anything else to say about how Korean girls reacted to the idea of male strip clubs. Alright, if you have any questions about this feel free to put it in the comments below.