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We’ve all read Seduction tips but how can you REALLY make them work?Seduction tips are only a part of what makes sexual seduction work.Rest easy – below you’ll discover the other elements that will make you able to seduce him or her guaranteed!I would know – I’ve studied and practiced sexual seduction for more than 10 years in various countries including Korea.If you want to succeed at seducing someone I recommend • accepting your target’s sexual nature • seeking out the right circumstances • being consistent with your seductionOnce you’ve made these part of your tools then seducing someone works!

How To Seduce Someone?Accept Your Target’s Sexuality

Seducing isn’t about tricking or taking advantage. Your target must want it.So I recommend asking yourself two questions:How comfortable are you with your sexual desires? Are you ashamed of your sexual fetishes?

how to seduce someone

If a woman asks “Why are you talking to me” could you look her in the eyes and say “it’s because you found you beautiful”?It’s vital that you are comfortable with your sexual lust and wanting someone in your life.No amount of seduction tips will cover up for you denying your sexual desires. How comfortable are you with your target’s sexuality?  If your target told you that his/her sexual fantasies involved two people, would you be okay? Your target must feel like (s)he can share his/her sexual side with you.(S)he must feel okay with letting you seduce them.The #1 mistake I see people make is to pass out judgment on their target’s fantasies. That’s the fastest way to make your target clam up and not share his/her intimate side with you.

How To Seduce Someone?Make Circumstances Work

Most “how to seduce someone” tips you read claim that you can seduce ANYONE. That’s just not true.If your target is totally in love with his/her partner then no amount of seducing will work.That’s why I recommend gauging your target’s desire to be seduced with sexual messages. For more on how to do that I recommend clicking on the link.From there why not seduce another target that is waiting for someone like you? There are plenty of people. I recommend getting good at finding the ones who want you to seduce them and then doing it!

How To Seduce Someone? Be 100% Consistent

Doing a few tricks to get him/her attracted won’t work unless that person feels like seducing is part of who you are.So if you’re a ‘nice guy’ and then all of a sudden get sexual with her she’ll freak. Not so much because of the seductive tips you’ve used but because they came from nowhere. The same goes if you’re too seductive. That person will feel like you’re a fake.You didn’t come across as a genuine guy (or girl) so your target will freak and reject your advances.It’s important to be sexually seductive from the get-go. You can do that by • wearing revealing clothes • saying a few sexual jokes or sexual double-speak • touch him/her intimately from the beginningFor more on how to send a sexual message covertly then click on the link.

Having A Seducer’s Skills Is Worth It!

Once you get good at doing these three things and knowing how to seduce someone then you’ll be unstoppable!Even in Korea where Korean society is strict you can still make it happen.In fact seducing people becomes fun. Your potential target will love you for it because that’s what they wanted and you’ll feel good for being the person to do it.Have fun!

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