Make Her Female Body Language Reveal Her Attraction

How Female Body LanguageReveals The Truth

Make female body language tell you how she REALLY feels and if you have a chance to date that Korean woman.

Female body language always tells you the truth.Imagine flirting with a Korean woman and definitely knowing that she’s attracted.Wouldn’t that give you more confidence to ask her on a date or get her phone number?Learn what myself and other guys who are successful with Korean women use to know beforehand if there’s a chance for a relationship.This might require confidence but if you can • get closer to her • look into her eyes • touch herand observe her responses then you will know how she feels about you so that you can confidently make a move for more.

Build a Stronger Bond

The next time you’re talking to a Korean woman you’re attracted to I recommend getting physically closer than you normally do. Ideally you want to so close that she might feel uncomfortable. Just make sure to lean back as well. This will help her feel comfortable again (and you too.)When you do this you will notice female body language work for you. If shestays put – this is a good sign. It means that she’s comfortable enough to talk with you and you’ll have a better chance at landing a date if you make a move.moves away – this means that she’s uncomfortable with getting closer to you. This might either be because she’s not attracted enough to you or she’s more of a conservative person when it comes to dating and romance.If she’s moving away then I recommend working on making her feel more attracted. You can start by learning some flirting body language tips. Click on the link for more!So if you get closer to her she will reveal how she feels at that moment with you. Is that all you can do to avoid rejection and discover if she’d want a date with you?Discover more things you can do to read female body language!

Her Eyes Tell You Everything…

female body language

I recommend that you look into her eyes.Look into them comfortably as you talk to her and notice how she responds. If shelooks at you and then down – then she’s subconsciously accepted you as an attractive man and chances are she’s attracted to you.If she does this a few times then you can feel confident that she’ll want to go on a date with you.looks in your eyes as well – at first you might think that she likes to look at you. In reality she’s looking at you to test how comfortable you are and/or to find out more about you.In other words she needs more convincing to feel like you’re attractive or assertive enough to attract her.

female body language

looks away to the side and avoids your gaze – then chances are she isn’t attracted to you or doesn’t want to be (yet.) In this case I don’t recommend asking for a date just yet. The eyes are the windows of the soul, after all. 😉What if you’re not comfortable looking into a Korean woman’s eyes?I recommend that you start with looking at her nose then. Slowly but surely you’ll build the confidence to look at her eyes as you practice. It’s a skill worth having if you want to attract and date a beautiful Korean woman.So you’ll discover more about her by getting closer and looking into her eyes. Is that all you can do to avoid rejection if you ask her out?There’s an even more powerful tool.

Touch Her…

Let’s get to it. You want a more physical relationship and she might want one as well. Make it happen with ‘touch’.A simple pat on the back or ‘accidentally’ brushing her upper arm is a great way to start. These are things you do with people you socialize with anyways. Why not do it with the woman you are attracted to as well? When you touch her notice her female body language respond. If shedoesn’t move – then she’s comfortable for a more physical relationship. Chances are she’ll be open to going on a date with you. moves away – then chances are she is uncomfortable with you touching her. This might mean that she’s not looking for a physical relationship with you (yet). ;-)I recommend that you make her feel more comfortable before asking her out.wipes the touch away – then she’s feeling something from your touch but definitely doesn’t want to. For example if you touched her shoulder and she wiped it off then chances are she’s not interested in a physical interaction. This might be because she’s already in a rewarding relationship or is more conservative than she looks.note: Make sure you’re not creepy when you touch her. I recommend that touch her for a little amount of time and take your hand away. This will allow her to get comfortable with your touch and is more socially acceptable. Think of how you touch friends and family when you interact with them.

Play With It!

At first all this ‘female body language’ stuff might seem far-fetched. I can understand that. But let’s be frank – what do you have to lose?See for yourself! See for yourself. While you’re at it keep an eye for these 3 body language signs. You’ll be glad you did!Yes you will feel the tension and at first you might come across as creepy a few times (I have.) That’s okay. you will get better and will recalibrate how you do this in a way that will amaze you and the results you’ll get.I personally use this every time I flirt with a woman and make sure that I use my assertive body language in my interactions. For attracting a woman from Korea (or anywhere) it’s not only ‘what you say’ but also ‘how you say it’ that matters. Why not say it the same way that successful ladies’ men do?Have fun! -)