Learn Korean Culture To Impress Your Korean Date!

Korean Culture Info That Will Please Your Korean Date

Some Korean culture tidbits to impress your Korean woman and stand out with your knowledge of Korea.

Korean women never expect anyone to know much about their culture.This is simply because Koreans feel that their culture doesn’t matter as much compared to their neighbors ‘(for foreigners besides Asians.)So knowing some small things about it can make you stand out powerfully in her eyes and make her more interested in you!

Pull These Out When Talking With Her

Impress her by using these simple Korean words:Chincha? (찐짜?) This word means ‘Really’? Koreans use it all the time when they’re in conversation. When you start talking to her and she says that she’s from Korea you can say “Chincha?” She’ll be impressed and wonder where you learned that. πŸ˜‰Assaa! (μ•—μ‹Έ!) In English this would be “oh yeah!”. Koreans use this whenever they are happy or something cool happened. It’s always fun to say!Nayy! (λ„€!) When she asks if you’re such-and-such country and gets it right, you can say “nay”. Now my favorite:Hull! (헐!) Koreans say this when they’re disappointed. So like if you ask her if she can cook Korean food and she says “no” you can say “hull!” with a disappointed face. It’s something kids say but when you say it she’ll find you cute!Note: You’re going to get these wrong at first. It’s okay. Just the fact of trying will impress her and as she corrects you she’ll feel more comfortable making mistakes in English.The language is a big part of Korean culture but there’s more to it if you want to show your interest and knowledge of it!

4 Things to Bring up on Your Korean Date To Stand out In Her Eyes


If you want to impress her with your understanding of Korean culture then I recommend including these topics in your conversation.What’s it like being away from friends and family?Typically a Korean woman misses her family and friends (who wouldn’t?) but the independence is radically new!She doesn’t have curfew and no one to call at 8pm at night.Ask her if she likes the freedom.Granted this is if she’s overseas.Ask if she speaks ‘Konglish’! In Hangul (South Korean) there’s a lot of English words. It’s a combination of Korean and English (hence Konglish.) She’ll find you funny for asking that. You can even ask her to speak some! πŸ˜‰Is ‘Nam Nam Book Nyo’ (남남 뢁녀) true?) It means South Men, North Women and it refers to how North Korea is famous for having prettier women than the South. Ask her if it’s true! πŸ˜‰Note: Don’t talk about the Korean war or North Korea. She probably doesn’t care and it won’t help at all. In fact it might make you come across as a ‘typical’ foreigner who thinks Koreans care about the war.What’s the cutest Korean accent? In Korea there are accents as well. You can ask her what’s her favorite. Then when you speak Korean (ask her to teach you some) and get the accents wrong – you can joke that your accent is the JEJU-DO accent! ;-)She’ll laugh.

Take Action!Β  Impress Her Even More

Now what if you’re taking her on a date? What can you do to make yourself stand out? Take and give things with two hands. If she’s giving you something or if you’re serving her a drink then do it with two hands. Koreans use both hands when serving because in the old days the people used the other hand to pull the sleeve back when serving.Remind her that you’re ‘obba’ (였빠) In Korean being ‘obba’ means ‘older brother’. You’re the one responsible for her because she’s you’re little sister. So she must speak politely and smile all the time. ;-)Granted you’re expected to pay for the date since you’re older brother! :)

Tidbits of Korean Culture

Personally I find Korean culture interesting. Taking an interest and showing her that you know some can impress her greatly!You’ll stand out in her mind as the foreigner who cares. Most guys mix up Korea with another Asian country and think that it’s okay. Worse is that they mix North Korea with South Korea. Yikes!Keep learning about Korean culture as you meet Korean women and you’ll be glad you did! Get a quick crash course with my guide ‘Secrets of Korean Culture‘ if you’d like to keep her in your life.

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