Learn about South Korea Culture To Impress Your Date

How South Korea Culture Shapes Korean Women

South Korea culture makes Korean women more passive, look beautiful, and become more socially inexperienced than Western women.

Their culture as we know it comes from the old ‘Silla’ Kingdom from back in the 600 A.Ds. Silla’s values were:

• A class system

• Self-Education

• Isolation

In my opinion a lot of you see in South Korea today comes from these 3 values. Korean women you meet grow up in environments that promote these values.

If you want to understand your ideal Korean woman I recommend understanding South Korea culture.

Korea’s Class System

In the first 5 minutes of meeting a Korean woman she’ll ask you:

“How old are you?”

“What’s your job?”

“Where are you from?”

In the West these questions might come across as mercenary. In Korea they use them to classify you on the social pole. Based on your position in that hierarchy they will speak, deal and treat you differently.

Are you a 35 year old male doctor? Then they’ll treat you with a lot of respect. Are you a 22 year old student? They’ll talk to you in another way and expect you to act in a certain way as well.

That’s also why many family names end with ‘Kim’, ‘Lee’, or ‘Park’ because they are the ‘high class’ family names. In other words you’re treated in a special way compared to if you had another family name.

In South Korea Culture it’s all about your superficial status and position. In their history Silla used to class people by using a bone-ranking system similar to the British’s aristocracy system.

Whereas in England it was based on land and wealth ownership, in Korea it’s also based on your education.

South Korea Values Education

A main reason why South Korea is doing well economically is because they invest a lot into their people. A typical Korean child studies 10-12 hours a day, has maybe a week of vacation and sleeps 6 hours at most.

The Korean women you’re talking to grew up in that world and so spent most of their time memorizing academic dogma or studying and taking tests.

Sadly they don’t get to develop socially the way a Western woman would. a typical Korean woman starts dating in university and sometimes misses out on talking to boys until then as well (being in an all-woman’s school!)

Granted all this is changing but for the time being this is South Korea culture and it’s a reality you must understand.

South Korea’s Trademark ‘Uniformity’

South Korea is known as the ‘hermit kingdom’ for good reason. They are wary of foreigners but we must understand ‘why’.

Korea’s history is full of invasions. China, Japan and Mongolia have successfully invaded and occupied Korea for some time. Other Western countries (like France and England) have tried but failed.

So Koreans have always seen foreigners as ‘invaders’ rather than as ‘strangers who have something to teach and learn.’

Korea today is not really ‘free’. Even today many South Koreans feel that they aren’t free because of the U.S. bases in their country. Not only that but they aren’t even a real country! They’re still divided and that has caused an identity crisis.

Also they didn’t really win their war of independence against the Japanese alone. This “dependency” on foreign powers has caused them to isolate themselves so that they feel like they have ‘some’ control over their future.

So she might not want to date you because you’re a foreigner. It’s not because of what SHE wants but because her culture, friends and family will pull her away from you.

South Korea Culture Is Changing

Granted the culture is changing but the culture’s consequences will affect your Korean dating experience. If you really like her I recommend understanding where she comes from and keep the communication lines open.

She’ll appreciate your understanding and will do her best to make dating you as fun and enjoyable as possible.