Korean Women Sexual Seductions Made Simple

Korean Women SexualSeductions Made Simple

Sexual seductions is not just about having the right technique.Seducing a Korean woman (or any woman) successfully is a two person dance.There’s one major thing you MUST accept. It took me a while to ‘get it’ but once I did I realized how powerful (yet simple) it was.What you must accept is that you can only seduce the Korean women who want to be seduced.That sounds too simple right?Not quite. ;-)Succeed at attracting Korean women by • being seductive from the beginning • seeking out the ones who want you • making the seduction smooth and goodWith these tips you’ll be able to seduce beautiful Korean ladies more successfully!

Sexual Seductions Happen Before You Meet

Before you meet and seduce women in Korea it’s important that you look the part.Your fashion and clothes must scream ‘sexual man’. This is different from ‘desperate man’. Being a sexual man is about finding sex fun and choosing who you have sex with.A ‘desperate man’ is someone who MUST have sex and doesn’t care who it’s with.I recommend wearing clothing that shows your sexual side. That way when you meet Korean women she’ll know what you’re capable of and will get turned on.

Sexual Seductions OnlyWork on Willing Women

As you meet Korean women you’ll come across two types: Those that want to be seduced and those that don’t.When you meet Korean women who don’t want to be seduced I recommend letting them go.

It could waste your time and there are plenty of beautiful Korean ladies waiting for you to seduce them.Simple enough but telling the difference takes experience and practice.

It’s worth telling them apart though.In any case I recommend sticking with Korean women who DO want you to seduce them. You can recognize them as being the ones whoAre okay with you touching them – As you touch her she’ll either push you away or let you. If she’s letting you touch her then she’s probably open to being seduced.

Comply with your requests – When you ask her to move closer to you or come join you for a drink is she complying? Chances are that she enjoys your company and is secretly hoping you’ll seduce her.Touch you back – If she laughs and touches you chances are that she’s attracted to you. This is a sign that she’s enjoying your seducing her.

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Giving you ‘the look’ – There’s a certain look that a woman gives you when she wants you to continue.It’s a look of admiration and expectation at the same time.It’s hard to describe but you’ll know it when you see it.Granted the picture comes close but that’s ‘the look’ at it’s extreme. You can expect something a little more subtle.Believe when I say that you’ll be seductively DANGEROUS if you can spot women who are giving you ‘the look’. ;-)Once you’re with a woman who wants to be seduced – what next?Follow your plan. You do have a plan, right?

Sexual Seductions Are Best Swift And Smooth

The #1 mistake guys make when they want to seduce women is that they don’t have a plan. They go out and “just talk to girls.” That’s how beginners do it. If you want to get good I recommend having plan for • what you will do • where you will take her • what you will sayOnce you have a plan then you want to take her through it. You can bring her into your seductive world and make things (that she secretly wants) happen.

Sexual Seductions Bypass Logic

It’s important to realize that a woman (especially a Korean woman) will never tell you she wants to be seduced. It’s the same thing as with remembering her birthday:In her mind she shouldn’t have to tell you. If you cared and/or knew what you were doing it would happen “naturally”. For us men when we want something we ask for it or get it. Not so for women. Understanding and accepting the gender differences will make you a much more influential seducer.

For more on how to seduce someone feel free to click on the link.Have fun! 😉

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