Korean History of Interracial Dating Controversy!

Korean History of Interracial Dating Controversy REVEALED

Korean history of interracial dating controversy revealed! Discover how Korea IS a multi-ethnic community.

Ask most Koreans about their interracial dating history in Korea and this is what they’ll say – it’s a new phenomenon.In fact it’s not.Interracial marriages have existed in Korea since 48 AD. Not only that but Koreans themselves were a migrant tribe that “mixed” with locals.Find out the truth behind Korea’s mixed race.

Korea’s History of Interracial Dating

According to legend – Korea came from the union of a ‘godlike’ man and a bear. They gave birth to Tan-Gun.This is a metaphor for how a long time ago a civilized tribe mixed with a more ‘barbaric’ tribe. This gave birth to the ‘Choson’ Kingdom (i.e. Korea.)Koreans mixed with Muslims. During the middle ages Korea traded with foreigners. Of course many settled in Korea and were assimilated in Korean society. In fact there were muslim settlements in Korea.Funny how Koreans today don’t learn about their interracial dating history.

Korea’s “Forced Mixing”

Korea’s history is full of foreign invasions. In fact their “one-people” stance can be seen as a reaction to their past.Japan, Mongolia and China occupied in Korea for some time. That’s one reason why a lot of Korean culture has pieces of Chinese, Mongol and yes…Japanese culture .Of course this lead to “blood mixing” as well. During the 20th century Japan occupied Korea for at least 40 years. They tried annexing Korea’s culture and people into Japan’s.Korea frowns on foreigners and foreign-mixing may simply exist because of their brutal past.This interracial dating history is grim – but it was real.

Why Hide Their Interracial Dating History?

Why would any country want to hide its relationship trends and statistics? In Korea’s case it’s not just an identity issue. For Korea being ‘pure’ means having a part that foreign invaders did not touch. It’s a psychological response.You can also argue that Korea’s geography played a role in their short-sightedness. It has caused Koreans to not look further then their own tribe. Its’ short mountains made traveling from one area to another difficult. After centuries of barely seeing beyond their own area Korea’s perception has been limited. That’s why a country as small as Korea has a number of Korean dialects.In fact for Koreans to date between each other from different parts of Korea took some time.

What Is The Future of Korea’sInterracial Dating?

history of interracial dating

Today Korea is facing a new challenge – to accept that it is a multi-ethnic society.Many mixed children live in Korea’s countryside. Adopted Koreans from 50 years ago are returning to Korea to build a life. Westerners have built lives for themselves in Korea and have Korean children.This is forcing Korea to become a more multi-ethnic society. This also means that she’ll have to accept her interracial dating history.I hope Korea does because her economic and social future depends on it.

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