Interracial Dating Tips For Dating Korean Women

Interracial Dating Tips For

Dating Korean Women!

Interracial dating tips to help you with dating a Korean woman interracially. There are differences that go beyond looks. Learn how to avoid frustration and pain that these differences can create.

In an interracial relationship with a Korean woman?

Dating a Korean woman for the first time can lead to misunderstandings and heartaches – but it doesn’t have to!

Whether you’re in South Korea or elsewhere, you have to understand that dating a Korean woman is not the same as dating someone from your own culture.

You’ll be dealing with

  • Different cultures
  • Different values
  • Different gender issues

Once you understand the differences you can then confidently decide if interracial dating is for you.

Tips About Culture

Language barriers – You might both have a hard time communicating. If starting a conversation with a woman wasn’t hard enough – not speaking the same language takes it to a whole new level!

You’re in luck because most Koreans speak English. They don’t speak it fluently but they are able to communicate in English if you make them feel comfortable enough (they’re embarrassed about making a mistake.)

Social experience difference – Being social in the West is normal. When we’re growing up we have a lot of time to work on our social skills.

Not so for Koreans! Most Koreans don’t really work on their people skills until they reach university. So when you’re dating her you might be frustrated by the social maturity difference.

Her whining and pouting might annoy you. Her lack of in-depth thinking could shock you. Her ‘clinginess’ and insecurities could make you feel trapped.

Note: I’m speaking in generalities here. Not ALL Korean women are like this.

Interracial Dating Tips About Values

interracial dating tips

She values harmony over adventure – In general, a Korean woman would rather play it safe than do something wild.

For example, kissing in public might seem exciting for a Western woman (in general) but a Korean woman won’t like it at all!

Why? Because she’ll stand out from the crowd. Especially if you’re in Korea – kissing a foreigner is frowned upon even more!

She values the relationship over sex – Sure we all know that women are more into the relationship whereas men are more into the sex.

That being said in the West women expect their man to please them sexually. In other words, Western women enjoy sex.

Korean women (although known to be wild in bed) don’t care much about sex.

Why? Because in Korean society it’s not valued as much as in the West for being part of a healthy relationship.

Most Korean women even talk about their sex lives to their best friends!

Interracial Dating Tips

About Gender Differences

You’re a man and she’s a woman. A friend once said that “women are so complicated that men can’t understand them.

Men are so simple that women can’t believe it.” I find this to be true.

You value risk-taking. She values safety. For a man to attract a woman he must take risks and come out on top.

For a woman it’s the opposite. She must play it safe and be a “good girl.”

So there are things that you both believe in (adventure and safety) in different amounts because of gender differences.

Just this difference alone can annoy and frustrate you.

When you’re dating a Western woman at least you both speak the same language and share the same values.

With a Korean woman it’s a whole new world – so be prepared!

Interracial Dating Tips – Recap

Again I’m speaking in generalities and from my opinion.

Dating a Korean woman is fun and different (and believe me it is!) I’ve had Korean girlfriends for years and they’ve been loyal, enjoyable and great in the sack! I loved them.

But there are some realities that you must face. You will not only deal with the gender differences but you’ll have to put up with the cultural and value-differences as well (and believe me – it will teach you tons!)

Are you up for it? 😉

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