How To Pickup Women From Korea

How To Pickup Women

From Korea In 5 Steps

How to pickup women from Korea in 5 simple stages. Why having this model will help you pickup and date Korean women successfully!

Discover how to pickup Korean women from someone who’s been-there-done-that for 5 years in Korea.

Pickup Korean ladies in 5 simple steps:

  • open them
  • attraction
  • qualification
  • comfort
  • seduction/sexual

Once you’ve mastered these steps you’ll be able to set up dates with gorgeous Korean women everyday and in less than 2 hours!

Stage #1 – Approach Them

Before wondering how to pick up women from Korea it’s important to first know how to start a conversation first!

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The key is to start a conversation. Once you’ve given her a conversation, what should you do next?

Stage 2 – Attraction

This is where you get the Korean woman to feel attraction for you. It’s important to understand what makes women feel attraction if you want to know how to pick up women.

For starters you can attract Korean women by being funny and teasing her like your little sister. Witty humor and sarcasm doesn’t work so well. It’s much better to rely on slapstick humor.

Stage 3 – Qualification

When you make a Korean woman feel attraction for you – you both know that she likes you. At this stage of how to pickup women from Korea it’s time to make her feel like YOU like HER (or she feels insecure and leaves!)

I also recommend making sure that what you like about her has nothing to do with her looks. I recommend finding and qualifying her on things that she’s either accomplished or experienced.

If she hasn’t accomplished or experienced things then you can qualify her on things she wishes to do or on her personality.

Stage 4 – Comfort

When it comes to how to pickup women – this is where most of the Game is played. This is where you and her get to know each other.

Comfort is all about you and her building trust, compliance and discover your compatibility.

What’s important to do in the ‘Comfort’ stage is to share your vulnerabilities.

Equally as important this is where you find out each other logistics and if you can make something happen logistically.

If either of you live too far away or it’s not the right time in your lives then maybe it’s better to cut the conversation and let her go.

Stage 5 – Seduction/Sexualization

how to pickup Korean women

This is where you genuinely separate yourself from her ‘guy friends’. You dare to show your sexual interest.

This is different than with Western women in the sense that Korean women don’t pro-actively show theirs.

Instead they simply allow you to continue escalating the interaction sexually.

I recommend going somewhere private before going into this stage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To start making things more sexual you can either use some routines like strawberry fields. They basically give you a social ‘excuse’ for making the interaction more sexual.

Another way of doing it is to put on some slow music and get her to dance with you. As you both start dancing you can escalate the interaction into something more intimate.

Be sure you know how to dance to a rhythm first! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Improve Your Skill-Set 1 Step at a Time

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