How To Meet Women From Korea

Discover How To MeetWomen From Korea!

Wondering how to meet women from Korea?Well I recommend either meeting them • online • through social circle • through cold approachEach way has its own ups and downs (that you’ll learn about.)

Usually it depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how much you fear rejection.When it comes to meeting Korean women it’s all about the ‘risk/reward’ ratio.The more risk you’re willing to take then your chances of meeting an amazing, sane and attractive Korean woman are higher!We’ll start with the least risky/rewarding method and move on towards more rewarding methods (with more risk.)

Meet Korean Women Online

If you’re wondering how to meet ladies without hurting your ego too much (or facing public rejection) then I recommend meeting them online.ProsYou won’t face harsh rejection.Sure they might not answer your emails or chat back but you’ll survive. 😉The women are looking for a date too!If you’re wondering how to meet women from Korea who are into you (the foreigner) then online is a way to go about it. ConsYou have no idea who you’re going to meet! Let’s say you meet up with her – you have no clue as to what she actually looks like. Not only that but what kind of personality does she have? I’ve heard too many horror stories from my friends who’ve been on dates with Korean women they met online.Top quality Korean women don’t do online dating! Think about it – if you’re in demand and have options, would you really look for love online? You’d be too busy with your offline opportunities!NOTE: Read more about how to online date from Korea here!You can also read more about the pros and cons of how to meet women online from Korea by clicking on the link.

Social Circle

If you’re wondering how to meet women from Korea then look at your own social circle.

ProsYou can ACTUALLY see and interact with her first to see if there’s a match. This is important so that you can both gauge each others’ attractiveness and see if you both hit it off before committing to a date.You are more likely to date a Korean woman. Koreans introduce each other through social circle. If you’re part of their social circle and are looking to date within it, your chances of succeeding are high.ConsYou have to be social enough to HAVE a social circle. Are you? Do you even want a social circle? Building and being a part of one is work as well! At times you’ll have to go out when you don’t want to, take part in their gossip, etc…Options are limited. Sure you can meet some Korean women this way but you’re limited to the ones in your social circle. Your chances of finding an attractive Korean woman are slim.Getting into Korean social circles requires more than just learning the language.Koreans seem open on the surface but it takes a lot of work to be considered as a friend and an equal. This is especially true if you don’t look Asian (more so if you’re dark skinned.) My point? If you’re thinking about how to meet women from Korea who are top quality then think twice! The other guys in the social circle will smoothly shoot you down before you can say 왜그래 (Way Keray which means ‘why did you do that’?) NOTE: Learn more about building a new social network with Koreans by clicking on the link!

Meet Korean Women Anywhere

Finally if you’re wondering how to meet an attractive Korean woman anywhere then you can do what we call ‘cold approach’.Want to how to meet women from Korea you want right there and then?Then this is it! You can look for her on the street, in coffee shops, at clubs, etc…ProsYou genuinely get to pick and choose who you want to meet and date. Like that Korean woman you noticed at the park?You can go meet her and give it a shot!How about that Korean Air flight attendant?Why not see if you can make something happen? Your options and choices are limitless!You feel good about yourself! It’s a challenge to meet a total stranger. Being able to go against that social programing for the chance of having the relationship is a feat that makes you feel proud of yourself (especially if you end up dating!)ConsKoreans don’t really talk to strangers. Sure they talk to strangers but in Korean culture meeting and interacting with a stranger is unheard of. Koreans usually meet people (especially dating) through introductions and such.You will get rejected. Korean culture teaches their women to be stay away from strangers…especially 의국인들 (‘waygukin-dels’ or ‘foreigners’.) Combine the closed-mindedness of Korean culture and the fact that you’re a foreigner and you get rejection galore! NOTE: Read more Tips to meet women from Korea here!

Final Thoughts On HowTo Meet Women From Korea

Korean women are beautiful and depending on the woman – can be a great addition to your life. Learning how to meet women free from Korea that best suit your personality and lifestyle is well worth the effort!

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