How To Learn Korean Free While Meeting Korean Women

Learn Korean FREE While Dating Korean Women

If you want to learn Korean free then why not do it the most enjoyable way possible?

How about learning how to speak Korean while interacting with beautiful Korean women.Who knows?You might score a date or a rewarding relationship!Depending on how comfortable or brave (or determined) you are you can choose between: • practicing Korean online • doing language exchange • approaching Korean womenWhether or not you live in Korea you can use these 3 methods and begin to improve your Korean while feeling the direct rewards (there’s nothing having a Korean woman praise you for your Korean!) 😉

Learn Korean Free Online

You can find a lot of websites that give you tidbits of information on Korean.  The drawback is that the information is either too confusing or difficult.That’s why I recommend finding a site that makes sense.  So I recommend joining 90 Day Korean.  You get free information in a crystal-clear format for easy learning and you get to choose the level of difficulty.  In fact if you’re really committed I recommend taking their course full on!It comes with a money-back guarantee for first month but it saves you a lot of time by keeping things customized and clear. 

That way you can get to practicing Korean online with Korean women right away!

Practice Korean For Free While Meeting Korean Women

If you want to practice Korean with Korean women for free then check out  I’m affiliated with them because I believe in their product.

On your profile you can also say that you’re learning Korean.  You can then start practicing Korean right away with random beautiful Korean women!  You’ll get some responses and will be able to start conversations from there!What a simple and fun way to learn Korean!In addition to that you can start applying these other two methods as well.

Learn Korean FREE Through Language Exchange

learn korean free

Whether or not you live in Korea or not you can find Korean who want to improve their English.In exchange they will teach you Korean.You can find interested people either on cliff’s list in your local Korean community.If you live in Seoul you can go to the universities and look at bulletin boards – you’ll find women who’ll want to do language exchange.If you happen to work/live near Koreans you can offer language exchange as well.Show some interest in Korean and you’ll find someone.Now to be fair I haven’t done language exchange simply because I  didn’t feel like I needed to.  Last but not least (and my favorite method) to learn Korean FREE is the next one.

Learn Korean FREE By Interacting With Korean Women

When I moved to Seoul I swore that I would learn conversational Korean.  I was unfortunately cash-strapped.  So I would go to the volunteer classes that you find around Seoul (like Seoul Village Center.)I would then take the class material of the day and practice it on Korean women everywhere. I would practice it in the subway, coffee shops, nightclubs, everywhere!The nervousness and pressure that came from speaking Korean this way made sure that I learned my lessons – and boy were the rewards worth it!There’s nothing like getting a Korean woman laughing by flirting with her in Korean.  Not to mention how good they make you feel for having done it as well!  It does make you stand out in a unique way.

Why Learn Korean Without Spending Money?

For one thing it helps you save money.  As well it proves to you how committed you are to learning Korean.  If you live in Korea or want the best chances of having an amazing relationship with a Korean woman (and her family) then learn Korean.Everything happens a lot smoother and she will thank you in more ways than we can talk about here. 😉