How To Impress a Woman From Korea

How To Impress A Woman

From Korea on That Date

How to impress a woman from Korea – A few things you can conveniently tweak to impress her and make your date a success!

Lets impress your Korean date tonight!

Yes there are a few things you can work on that will make you stand out in her eyes. They’ll make her curious and will act on it. Most of the Korean women I met appreciated these additions I took and I’m sure that the one(s) you meet will as well.

Some quick things you can do now to impress a Korean woman are:

  • have a Korean name
  • speak some Korean
  • read in Korean
  • know Korean culture
  • do baby magic

The BEST part is that you can improve all these a few hours a week.

Combine these into your date and you’ll leave her feeling impressed! I would know – on a date it works for me every time!

Give Yourself a Korean Name!

Having a Korean name is a way to make her feel more comfortable. She’ll also be intrigued as to why you have one and who gave it to you etc… Most Western guys don’t have one and so you set yourself apart enormously!

It’s important to know what it means (all Korean names have an interpretation) and who gave it to you.

You can search online or have a Korean friend name you. If not you can choose between these below and just say that I gave it to you (your friend from Korea.) πŸ˜‰

  • San μ‚° – which means mountain
  • Hanel ν•˜λŠ˜ which means sky

Korea has a shamanistic history which is why I think they have names like this.

  • Hwarang ν™”λž‘ which was the name of Korea’s ancient ‘warrior’ class

This name came from Korea’s ancient elite warrior class. Some argue that they’re the predecessor of the Samurai in Japan.

Having a Korean name is an easy and fun way on how to impress a woman from Korea.

Speak Some Korean!

This doesn’t mean being fluent. A few words will do. Just learn how to say

  • thank you = kamsa habnida κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€
  • hello = annyong haseyo μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”
  • excuse me? = boragoyo? λ­λΌκ³ μš”?
  • here (take it) = yoggiyo μš”κΈ°μš”

I recommend writing them down on your phone or a notebook. When the opportunity comes simply pull the list out and say the word.

She won’t mind waiting – because you’re impressing her with trying to speak the language!

Of course it looks better if you memorize these words and use them. In any case speaking some Korean is part of how to impress a woman from Korea.

Read Some Korean

The Korean alphabet takes a few hours to learn. It’s set up to be easy and it is. Give yourself a half-a-day to learn and believe me you will.

If you REALLY want to know how to impress a woman from Korea then simply write her name in Korean. Once you’re that good you can rest assured that you’ll impress Korean women every time!

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Know Some Culture

Did you know that Koreans give things with two hands? Or how when Koreans are happy they scream out “As-sa”?

Doing those on a date will impress Korean women anywhere.

Even some urban cultural things like

  • replacing ‘thank you’ with ‘thank you very Kamsa’!
  • replacing ‘see you later’ with ‘see you’!
  • making decisions with the ‘rock, paper scissors’ game

will impress her and even make her feel at home. The BEST part is that these things take less than a minute to learn!

Do Baby Magic!

ANY woman loves being a kid again. Baby magic will take her back to her youth!

Pretend that you lost your thumb!c Ask her if she knows where you thumb is. When she’s confused pretend your thumb is missing and then pretend you found it in your pocket. Put it back on and watch her laugh!

Make your fingers skip hands! Once you have their attention show your hands with one finger on each hand.

Then have them collide and suddenly have one hand without fingers. Give the other hand two and make it seem like the one finger jumped.

Talk about how to impress a woman by having child-like fun! πŸ˜‰

Impress Korean Women And Dating


You must impress a woman if you want to date her. Korean women are no exception. You can do that with your willingness to

  • show that you care about her culture
  • make her laugh
  • show that you respect her as a human being (rather than a goddess)

Once you’re able to do these things then wondering how to impress a woman will be forgotten memory.

Until that day – have fun and the Korean women you meet will too!