How To French Kiss Your Korean Girlfriend Properly!

Discover How To French Kiss

Your Korean Girlfriend!

Discover how to French kiss your Korean girlfriend so that she begins to crave for more!

Knowing how to give your Korean girlfriend a French kiss is a great way to make her want you more.

Some of us are naturally good at French kissing.  Others don’t even know what it is.

For most of us it’s something we’d better get good at if we want to show our sexual prowess.

Not only that but knowing how to do it puts our partner in the mood for more!  Soon you’ll discover

  • how to start a French kiss
  • how to role your tongue
  • the #1 tip for making you both enjoy the kiss

Soon you’ll know how to make your kisses memorable for your Korean girlfriend – She’ll appreciate it too! 😉

How To Start The French Kiss

When you bring your lips together it’s important to breathe first.  Give yourself a rhythm that will make French kissing comfortable.

how to french kiss

Rest easy – you’ll have plenty of time to practice and find your rhythm.

When you are about to kiss your partner I recommend parting your lips slightly.

Relax every part of your lips and tongue.

Look at the picture for how the beginning is supposed to look.

Once you touch your partner’s lips bring your tongue to her lips.

Important: A big mistake guys make is to have an erect tongue (the other erect body part is okay) and to stick it in their partner’s mouth.

Instead I recommend leaving your tongue relaxed and at the tip of your mouth. She’ll get the hint and will touch your tongue with hers.

Your Tongue’s Job

Once you know how to French kiss with your lips it’s time to use your tongue.

As soon as you’ve touched your tongue with hers you can put it in her mouth. With it I recommend keeping it semi-erect so that she can use your tongue to stimulate hers (and enjoy it at the same time.) 😉

You see: the mouth is an enormous erogenous zone.  She will stimulate herself with your tongue.  Of course if you want to up the ante you can move your tongue around.  Just remember that your job is to turn her on.

At the same time keep your lips relaxed and mirroring hers.  If she’s closing her mouth do the same.  If she’s opening it do the same.  Let her lead the pace and she’ll enjoy it more.

I also recommend matching her pace and rhythm with her tongue.  Allow yourself to mirror her and she’ll be happy.

Note: If you want to improve your kissing skills then I recommend getting your hands on this practical kissing guide.  Find out more!

I was fortunate that kissing came naturally.  That being said we could all use some improvement.  Korean women love kissing and we want to make a good impression! 😉

On making a good impression…

The #1 Mistake When French Kissing

The biggest complaint I hear women make about guys not knowing how to French kiss is that they stay too long.  

French kissing works best if you mix it up with kissing on the neck and sexy kisses elsewhere.  If you’re still dating Korean women and want to kiss them to your bedroom then click on the link.

Know How To French Kiss?

Time For More!

Being a good French kisser is great.  A woman is always grateful to have a guy who’s a good kisser.  Again if you want to improve your kissing skills I recommend grabbing a copy of this powerful kissing guide.

But kissing is only part of the picture.  Especially with Korean women.  Make yourself an attractive man to Korean women by signing up to our newsletter below.  You’ll get tips and gifts that will make dating Korean women easier.  Have fun! 😉

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