How To Attract Hot Women From Korea Quickly!

Attract Hot Women From KoreaWith These 5 Quick Tips!

Attract hot women from Korea and spend your nights with a Korean beauty by your side.

Why attract hot women from Korea?

Because Korean ladies are gorgeous and their exotic looks make any man want to know more.They’re also human beings and want attractive men – and that could be you!How?By

• dressing to impress • knowing exactly how to approach a Korean woman • memorizing key Korean phrases • knowing how an attractive man holds himself • using your #1 attraction toolThese 5 quick tips will transform you into the kind of foreigner Korean women long for. Let’s make them want to get to know you better.

Tip #1 – Dress To Date!

Hot women love a guy who looks presentable. Korean women care even more! Korean culture is very superficial and how you look says a lot about you. At least get a nice pair of dress shoes. Have them polished regularly. Invest in a nice pair of jeans and a few shirts.If you like making people laugh then these funny Korean t-shirts will attract hot women from Korea. Their shirts get Korean ladies laughing and YOU looking more attractive than the other typical Western guys. Discover more by clicking on the link.

Tip # 2 – Approach Hot Korean Women!

Korean culture makes guys like you attractive!How so?In Western culture talking to strangers is common. For Korean women being able to start a conversation with them is brave. You’ll come across as brave if you start a conversation (as long as you’re too close or too loud.)Even if they reject you they’ll respect your manliness and that is what will attract hot women. Discover how to approach a woman from Korea by clicking on the link.Make it easier by carrying an English/Korean translation book. Simply walk up to them asking for what a certain word means.Once they answer tell them they did a good job. Follow it up with “your Korean is very good!” ;-)If they tell you that they’re “from Korea” you can then look shocked and pretend that • you thought that they were from Africa • you’re not sure if they’re from North or South Korea • or both! ;-)Have a laugh with a hot Korean woman and you’ll attract her.Not sure if she’s Korean?In that case I recommend showing her the translation book again and asking her what the ENGLISH word means! You can then pretend to be a Korean asking for help.She’ll laugh and if she’s Korean she’ll say that she’s Korean too!

Tip #3 – Say 4 Powerful Korean Words!

Speaking a few words of Korean will impress her! You’ll stand out in such a positive way because most people don’t care about her language.Only picking up a few words will be enough to attract hot women from Korea. • thank you = kamsa habnida 감사합니다 • hello = annyong haseyo 안녕하세요 • Booyah! = Assah! 아싸! • excuse me? = boragoyo? 뭐라고요?Put these words in your phone and practice them when talking to a hot Korean woman! Granted the more fluent you are the better off you are. More on how to learn Korean by clicking on the link.Just think of that sexy Korean woman who’s looking to reward you for your Korean. 😉

Tip # 4 – Stand Confidently

Do you slouch? Or do you look like the world is putting its’ weight on your shoulders? It’s time to stand tall!I recommend watching Brad Pitt from ‘Fight Club’ and studying his • body language • sense of authority • passionIn fact I recommend watching that movie. Don’t worry – I’ll be right here! ;-)You don’t have to be in shape like he is but if you can mimic his body language you will attract hot women.

Tip # 5 – Your #1 Attraction Tool!

Your #1 tool is your smile!If you want to attract hot women from Korea then I recommend smiling more. It makes you • seem more confident • make them smile • more attractiveThe happier and confident you appear to be about life – the more women you’ll attract. :)

Attract Korean Women Near You!

attract hot Korean women

If you live in Korea or near a Korean community then I recommend going to the nearest bookstore and picking up a Korean/English translator.

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• what Korean women really want • how you can deliver without needing money or deceit • Korean culture and how to bypass itso that you can do more than just attract hot Korean women – but date them too.Now THAT’S worth taking action for!Have fun with her! 😉