How To Approach a Woman From Korea With Ease!

Discover How To Approach a Woman From Korea In 3 Practical Steps!

How to approach a woman from Korea in 3 practical steps and get you two talking. When you approach Korean women this way you can rest assured that she WILL talk to you.

We both find Korean women attractive and knowing how to approach them is worth it.

Soon you’ll be in fun interactions with Korean ladies with these 3 practical and simple steps.

She will stick around and be genuinely interested in you.

This is because most guys don’t start conversations with her in a way that’s socially acceptable and pleasant.

So how do you approach a Korean woman? The 3 steps are:

  • do a self-check
  • approach safely
  • give her a social excuse

Soon you’ll be able to approach a Korean woman with such ease you’ll be surprised for not doing this sooner!

Approach Korean Women

Step #1 – Do a Self-Check

Want to know how to approach a woman from Korea but look like a slob? Koreans value your fashion and physical fitness before they’ll take you seriously.

What about your vibe? Do you come across as ‘weird’? When you talk to people do they subconsciously gasp and walk away?

If you want to be sure then record yourself for a few hours doing normal things. Forget about the camera. Watch yourself afterwards. What kind of person do you see?

A weird person? Or someone who seems to be self-sufficient and confident enough?

Also how’s your life going outside of relationships? Is everything good? How about your feelings towards women? Do you like women or are you currently bitter towards them?

It’s important to have the right mindset and be in a good place before you start approaching Korean women. If you are then Korean women will notice it and talk with you.

Approach Korean Women

Step #2 – Approach Her Safely

The best way to walk towards a Korean woman is to approach her so that she sees you approaching her.

I don’t recommend approaching her from behind. Instead come in from the front or from the side. She’s got to be able to see you to feel safe enough to talk to you.

When it comes to how to approach a woman from Korea this is critical! Korean women are taught to only talk with people they’ve been introduced to or family. Talking with strangers is a new concept.

Making her feel safe will boost your chances that she’ll stick around and talk to you.

Approach Korean Women

Step #3 – Have an Excuse

Knowing how to approach a woman from Korea is the easy part.


What you say next is the trick! ;-)The best thing you can do to start the conversation is to give her an excuse to talk to you. It could be asking her

  • for the time
  • for directions
  • for a Korean translation

In all these cases you both have a socially acceptable reason to start talking.

You can also carry a Korean-English translator and plan on asking her how to read a certain word.

How to approach a Korean woman?

I recommend either

  • saying “yogiyo” (which is ‘hey there’ in Korean)
  • saying “hey there” rather than “excuse me”
  • gently tapping her on the upper arm with the back of the hand

This will get her attention. You can then ask her to pronounce a certain word for you. She’ll be more than happy to help!

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Knowing How To Approach aWoman From Korea Is Essential

how to approach a woman

Knowing how to approach a woman from Korea is essential if you want to attract hot Korean women.

You can be the best speaker and the most interesting guy she’ll ever meet but…

She’ll never get the chance to enjoy you unless you make a move.

In fact she’ll even be happy that you did because you’ll make her day more enjoyable.

Who knows?

She might’ve even been secretly wishing for a guy like you to show up in her life.

All I know is that when you approach a beautiful Korean woman you’ll be glad you did!