How South Korea News Portrays Foreigners And Why

How The South Korea News Portrays Foreigners


The South Korea news exists to make money by reporting stories (then again which media outlet isn’t?) Sadly the South Korea media has found a very good niche: YOU the foreigner.

Or rather YOU the young foreign male who is here for short-sighted and one-sided beneficial reasons (taking South Korea’s money and women.)

If you live and work in Korea this will hurt your relationships whether or not you’re dating korean women.

The question is: Why is the South Korea news so vindictive towards foreign males?

The answer? Money and popular support.

Why The Media Targets Foreign Men

Targeting us sells more newspapers. Koreans love reading stories about how disrespectful and abusive foreigners are. It gives them a sense of superiority maybe?

Not only that but foreigners have no rights in South Korea (so there’s not much you can do about it.) The ‘witch-hunt’ against us is more severe than Japan and China.

This is why most foreigners leave after a few years – they’re just not wanted. Or rather the South Korea news makes it so that we’re not.

So easy money and the inability of foreigners to fight back makes targeting foreign men a cash cow. It also helps older Koreans keep their sense of ‘homogeneity’.

Why This Hurts South Koreans

The South Korean media is hurting Korea more than they know. More and more Koreans are depending on foreign involvement for protection, manpower and resources.

Most foreigners with any sense of dignity and self-respect leave Korea. They would rather give their ingenuity and creativity to more accepting cultures like China’s or Japan’s (unless staying is very financially rewarding!)

Not only that but most foreigners who come here as ‘English Teachers’ leave after a few years (at most.) So those with experience and who are professional go elsewhere and take their expertise with them. So Korean students lose out on good Western teaching.

Finally, Korean women who do date foreigners are stared at and made to feel bad. Yes even in Seoul! This hurt me the most…I don’t care if Koreans look down on me…but not on my date who didn’t do anything wrong.

What You Can Do

If you’re living and working in Korea there are things you can do get out of that ‘stereotypical evil-foreigner’ group.

Don’t say you’re a teacher! If you’re teaching in Korea then tell people you’re doing something else (your hobby, your old job, etc…) I used to be an aviator so I tell people that I used to be a pilot.

Dress classy. Replace your travel backpack with a classy bag. Replace the socks-and-sandals with dress shoes. Improve your wardrobe and Koreans will look at you differently than the typical ‘foreigner’.

Learn Korean. Most Koreans are aware of the hardships foreigners face (and yet do little.) Learning Korean separates you in their minds as a foreigner with ambition.

Yes according to the South Korea news most foreigners lack ambition, morals and humility.

Final Thoughts

Yes there are evil and short-sighted foreigners in Korea. That doesn’t mean that all foreigners are that way. Korean businessmen overseas have the same reputation but it doesn’t mean that all of them are like that.

I hope South Korea relaxes its anti-foreigner stance in its media. Mark my words: South Korea will need foreigners more than ever in the near future.

They will have to loosen up or disappear from the economic and socio-cultural limelight.